More than Sushi Served at These Top Japanese Restaurants

Most people think of sushi when they think of Japanese food, and that is a main staple of many Japanese restaurant menus. But there's also plenty of grilling, and steaming going on in Japanese kitchens. While fish usually takes center stage in many dishes, there are plenty of meat items on the menu, too. Those who want more traditional Japanese fare will like off-the-beaten-path places like Sankyu and Katsu.

New on the scene is Momotaro, serving upscale gourmet Japanese foods. Craving sushi rolls? Chicago has it well covered with places like Coast. Or if you want to browse a food court filled with Japanese food, drive out to northwest suburban Arlington Heights, where the Mitsuwa market - the closest thing to a Japanese mall in America, has several restaurants plus grab-and-go choices. The market also has a huge grocery store filled with imported and hard-to-get Japanese delicacies, including two aisles full of Japanese candy.



This is one of those restaurants that assures you of its authenticity with its loyal following of transplants from Asia, who regularly show up for a taste of home. Though small, the dining room is lined in wood and is constantly filled with...  Read More

Hachi's Kitchen


While so many new restaurants have opened in Logan Square recently, this longtime favorite continues to thrive because of its consistently good, fresh seafood. Hachi's Kitchen has modern decor with live plants in vases, including colorful...  Read More



Finding a great sushi place in the South Loop isn't easy but Oysy fits the bill. Oysy is an Izagaya, a bistro type restaurant serving traditional food in a relaxed atmosphere. Its contemporary atmosphere includes modern designed tables and...  Read More

Logan Square


A relative newcomer to the Chicago sushi scene (2010), Wasabi wasted no time becoming a darling among local and out of town visitors. One of only a handful of Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants in Chicago, it also has Executive Head Sushi Chef,...  Read More

Arlington Heights


Just 30 minutes from Chicago, this large, popular Japanese grocery superstore boasts an impressive food court with a huge variety of choices of Asian delicacies. If you want authentic Japanese, you'll find udon, teriyaki, sushi and bento boxes...  Read More

Sankyu Japanese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Megy Karydes


Walk into Sankyu and you'll immediately notice its clientele speaking in Japanese. Most of the menu is written in Japenese (with English as the second language). JapanTV is on. Like most ethnic restaurants, it says something when people from...  Read More



This popular Japanese restaurant and sushi bar has been around so long (it claims to be Chicago's first sushi restaurant) that several patrons talk about coming when they were little kids and keep returning now as adults. An outdoor garden is a...  Read More

Coast Sushi Bar


With three locations, Coast is known for its high quality sushi coupled with outstanding service. Weekends can get loud and very busy, especially at its city locations. The Bucktown hotspot (BYOB) features a warm and sexy interior while its...  Read More



This lively, modern space is a standout in the trendy, restaurant-filled Fulton Market area. Not only is it one of the best Japanese restaurants in Chicago, . The stylish 11,000-square-foot restaurant includes a subterranean Izakaya lounge and a...  Read More


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