Gluten-Free Beer, Bread, Pizza, Pasta: Available for Diners in Chicago

Whether seeking a casual bar to enjoy a beer or meet friends or taking a client to sleek and contemporary prasino, today’s Chicago dining scene makes it easy to find a place to enjoy gluten-free meals. Gone are the days when those suffering from gluten sensitivities or allergies would either need to dine home or be limited to a handful or restaurants catering to their needs. Today, it’s easier than ever to find options, from casual to fine dining, offering gluten-free menu items or entire menus devoted to gluten-free dishes.

Since many baked goods, breads and desserts are off-limits to those who can’t have gluten, Rose’s Bakery and Café in Evanston is a highlight since not only can one find all of the above here but the items are so tasty that you’d be hard-pressed to believe they are gluten-free.  

Crave Mexican, Italian pasta or German gluten-free dishes? Check out Adobo Grill, Zapatista, Mia Francesca or Berghoff’s as each of them an impressive list of gluten-free fare and drinks.

Eating gluten-free at restaurants may have once been a complicated endeavor but today’s Chicago restaurants not only welcome those with sensitivities or allergies to gluten, but they have made it easier than ever to dine out with entire menus and meals specifically for them.

Iron Horse Ale House
Photo courtesy of Megy Karydes

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