Chicago Restaurants with Great Gluten Free Food

Even though celiac disease, a hereditary autoimmune condition, affects  just 1% of the US population, scads of others believe they have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Even more people think eliminating gluten from their diet will help them lose weight or just feel better overall. Whatever the condition of your gastro-intestinal tract, Chicago offers plenty of gluten-free menu items or entire menus devoted to GF dishes.

Gluten avoiders surely miss baked goods, breads and desserts, however, they're no longer off-limits to visitors to Wheat's End Cafe and Smack Dab Chicago and when you're craving pizza, Spacca Napoli  and True Food Kitchen are your go-tos. Chicago born Protein Bar & Kitchen flavorfully feeds your healthy lifestyle whether it's vegan, carnivore, Keto, Paleo, Whole30 or gluten free.  

Enjoy an elegant, upscale dining experience at the family owned Tortoise Supper Club  adjacent to the Marina Towers and when only French will do, head to Lincoln Park's Mon Ami Gabi. 

It may have once been a pain to dine gluten free but so many Chicago restaurants not only welcome those with sensitivities or allergies to gluten, but it's easier than ever to dine out with entire menus and meals specifically for those who can't tolerate gluten. 



True Food Kitchen offers a varied menu that satisfies but does not stray from excellent nutrition and deep flavor. There's something tasty for all diets with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options developed by chefs and each of the signature...  Read More



An Irish bar and restaurant doesn't immediately come to mind as a go-to place for brunch or gluten free food but this hidden gem in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood might have you make plans to visit. A full gluten-free regular menu includes...  Read More



This Lincoln Park bistro and steakhouse is a delightful find for expertly prepared French cuisine. Expect traditional dishes with GF tweaks such as steak Classsique with maitre d'hotel butter and shallow-fry frites; roasted chicken grand-mere;...  Read More



Owner Christine Forster has been gluten free for about seven years, so having options for all kinds of diners was one of the founding principles of Smack Dab. The breakfast and brunch eatery's mission is to be able to have the...  Read More



The vegetable-forward menu and relaxed dining room experience at Little Beet Table allows you to indulge in your well being. Vegetarians and those with food allergies are serviced but so are carnivores and all can enjoy healthful, whole...  Read More



Wheat's End Cafe takes gluten free baking and cooking seriously. The proof? Three words: cheddar chive biscuits. That everyone seems to love. Serving breakfast and lunch as well as brunch on the weekends, Wheat's End Cafe is a 100% dedicated...  Read More

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant


Call ahead and ask the chef to prepare gluten free injera (the traditional spongy bread) so you can also enjoy communal dining and dip into fragrantly sauced meats, pulses and vegetables at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant. A smart way to go is...  Read More



If there's one dish that will set a gluten free eater's heart aflutter - it's pizza. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria offesr a gluten free option for all of its pizzas. Customers can also request gluten free focaccia to accompany their antipasti of...  Read More



Founded in Chicago in 2009, Protein Bar & Kitchen was a leader in the high protein/low carb trend by offering filling, protein-rich and flavorful food in a fast-casual setting long before others. Today, there are 13 in Chicago, four in and...  Read More



While Tortoise Supper Club doesn't have a dedicated gluten free menu, there are so many GF options, it's worth a visit to the Marina Towers' restaurant for a shot of casually elegant supper club ambience and upscale fare. Like what? Gluten...  Read More


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