Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat Options Aplenty on Chicago's Healthy Menus

Chicago’s reputation of a steak and potatoes town is quickly dissipating as more people choose healthier options on the menu. That’s not to say steak isn’t still popular (it is); it simply means organic, wholesome fare is becoming more the norm rather than the exception.

It’s hard to pare down our list to just 10 best places for healthy food menus because so many restaurants in town now offer healthy options. With exception of two on our list, all of our healthy dining hotspots have been feeding locals for years and, in some cases, decades. Several offer raw, vegan or vegetarian dishes but several include meat options, too.

Vegan diners head to Amitabul on the city’s far northwest side because Chef Bill does amazing things with his Korean dishes. Raw food fans love Karyn’s Raw and RAW.

Meat lovers can have their meat and be healthy, too. Oasis Café is, quite literally, a gem among gems. It’s been serving its Middle Eastern cuisine to legions of Loop employees for years in its tiny restaurant nestled in the back of a string of jewelry shops.

Heartland Café is located in the heart of Rogers Park and its wholesale food has been a staple of 37 years in that community.

Newbie Fig and Olive has already garnered a following since it opened just a few months ago. Chef Pascal Lorange focuses on healthy and light Mediterranean fare, choosing from a collection of more than 20 heart-healthy olive oils to complement each dish.

The Loop

It's easy for detractors to claim they hate raw food without even trying it which is a shame because places like RAW. are trying hard to break the stereotype that raw isn't tasty. It's making headway because this popular outpost is located...  Read More

Gold Coast

At FIG & OLIVE, Chef Pascal Lorange focuses on healthy and light Mediterranean fare, choosing from a collection of more than 20 heart-healthy olive oils to complement each dish. Most dishes on the menu use olive oil in some way. Lorange...  Read More

Heartland Café has been around for what seems like ages in this city. Or what totals to be 37 years and counting. Known to many as The Heart of Rogers Park, Heartland Cafe and General Store is a staple in Chicago's organic and progressive...  Read More


Founded in Chicago in 2009, Protein Bar & Kitchen was a leader in the high protein/low carb trend by offering filling, protein-rich and flavorful food in a fast-casual setting long before others. Today, there are 13 in Chicago, four in and...  Read More

True Food Kitchen offers a varied menu that satisfies but does not stray from excellent nutrition and deep flavor. There's something tasty for all diets with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options developed by chefs and each of the signature...  Read More

A combination of cozy coffee shop and gourmet restaurant, Uncommon Ground prides itself as "The Greenest Restaurant in America." It serves delicious food made with locally grown and organic ingredients and its two locations have on-site gardens...  Read More

Norwood Park

Walk into Amitabul and a sense of calm drapes over you immediately. It's not exactly a library but there is a sense of peace from the soft, meditative music in the background to the sparse decor. Chef Bill is the mastermind of this vegan...  Read More

Snap Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Photo by Jamie Bartosch

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