Contemporary Art Galleries

Contemporary art elicits strong emotions, and if you love it, you really love it. Our list of Chicago's best contemporary art galleries puts you in touch with places to interact with the art first-hand and to see what kind of visceral reaction it provokes in you. Galleries like Catherine Edelman Gallery and Aldo Castillo Gallery deliver exceptional examples. They represent a variety of media and artists and are reliable vendors of contemporary art at its best.


Two floors of exhibit space and a sculpture garden present art at this gallery. Since owners Roy and Ann Boyd choose to highlight Illinois artists, expect to hear details on why or how a piece of art came to be. If you have questions on contemporary art, depend on Ann Boyd's teaching background as a great resource.

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Ken Saunders Gallery

If you're interested in glass as expressive art, check out this gallery, which is home to the city's largest glass art display. Marx-Saunders represents both world-renowned artists and newcomers, and its staff can provide insight into the techniques used to produce art glass. A member of the Chicago Art Dealers' Association.

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Timeless is the best word to describe this gallery's art. The enterprise looks for originality and quality of execution and showcases European and American sculpture and paintings in a range of styles and media. Past exhibits have featured Scott Hill and Robert Erickson.

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Vale Craft Gallery

This appealing gallery displays complex artwork, especially in media like wood, glass, fiber, and clay. National and local artists are represented, and jewelry is available.

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A focus on mid-career artists sets this gallery apart from the pack. It features contemporary American and European works that range from abstracts to landscapes. Open afternoons Wednesday through Sunday and by appointment.

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Jean Albano Art Gallery

Cutting-edge conceptual art is the basis of Jean Albano's success. The gallery features works by local talents Gladys Nilsson and Margaret Wharton and has exhibited items by Ellen Lanyon and Jim Waid. A member of the Chicago Art Dealers' Association, the gallery offers contemporary paintings, sculpture, and mixed media works.

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An advocate of new art forms, Habatat Galleries is a must-see for enthusiasts of fine contemporary glass art. Artists represented include Dale Chihuly and Toots Zynsky.

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Catherine Edelman Gallery

Contemporary photography is this gallery's trademark, and owner Catherine Edelman promotes the art of capturing a moment in time. She also offers gallery talks and book signings. A member of the Chicago Art Dealers' Association, the gallery has ties to a variety of artists, including Michael Kenna, Olivia Parker, Maria Martinez-Cnas, and O. Winston Link.

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Aldo Castillo Gallery

Latin America comes alive in this gallery, which surrounds you with a mixture of world music and art. Dealer and curator Aldo Castillo specializes in innovative mainstream artists who demonstrate an appreciation for Latin culture in their works. Gallery openings are known for their extraordinary works and intriguing guests.

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Ann Nathan Gallery

If the funky and the outrageous interest you, a stop at this gallery is sure to suit. The popular enterprise features objects in metal, clay, and wood, along with contemporary paintings and sculpture. Additional media range from found-object collages to furniture.

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