Dublin Offers Variety of Budget-Friendly Dining

The recent rise in Dublin’s casual dining scene has seen budget eateries and early bird menus hit the city centre and beyond. Gone are the days when Dublin was considered so expensive that it was easy to be priced out of a good meal. This list is a mixture of low-cost, casual restaurants for burgers or burritos and more high-end restaurants that do great deals. You’ll find everything from tapas bars to fried chicken eateries and asian food with free ice-cream to sweeten the deal. The value is based on the amount of food you receive for your money and the quality of said food.

Whether it’s a pizza you’re craving, a high-quality Indian or to relax at a French-style café there is an option that won’t break the bank but won’t leaving you feeling short changed at the same time. With so many restaurants and cafés popping up in Dublin week-to-week it has become more important than ever to have your food keenly priced. As a result you’ll find more and more establishments offering flat-rate main courses, excellent early birds and fast-food favourites with higher quality ingredients but affordable price tags. It’s never been a better time to travel on a budget in Dublin.

Located on bustling Camden Street, it would be easy for Neon to get lost in the abundance of asian restaurants that line either side of the road. The concept and execution however put them a cut above the rest. With chic d�cor and long,...  Read More

Bunsen is the newest addition to the Wexford Street food trail and it promises authentic, American-style hamburgers with the perfect arrangement of beef, bun, cheese and toppings. Proprietor Tom Gleeson went through 12 different prototypes...  Read More

The sister restaurant to the original Jo'Burger in Rathmines, the town version on Castle Market offers more space, more music and a bigger drinks menu to boot. The same branding and atmosphere that can be seen throughout all of Joe Macken's...  Read More

Southside suburbs

Tucked away on the corner of South Lotts Road and Upper Grand Canal Street is a small restaurant serving what is arguably the best pizza in Dublin. Paulie's is always packed to the brim and serves up delicious wood-fired pizzas cooked to an...  Read More

Green Nineteen is another relaxed eatery on Dublin's buzzing Camden Street and prides itself on its 'local cafe-bar' atmosphere where almost all main courses come in under �10. Don't think that this means compromising on taste and quality...  Read More

Kinara Kitchen is a new addition to the great restaurants to be found in southside suburb Ranelagh. It has the unusual combination of having a fantastic dedicated cocktail bar with high-end Pakistani cuisine. The cocktail bar is headed up by...  Read More

CrackBird, one of restaurant entrepreneur Joe Macken's litany of trendy Dublin eateries has been rehoused several times, now taking pride of place in an old Chinese restaurant on Dame Street. Macken has pretty much single-handedly brought...  Read More

Pablo Picante's has been voted the best burrito in Dublin and the quick expansion of this Mexican Haven from a single small burrito bar into 3 busy restaurants is proof of this. Run by Irish man Colm McNamara, Pablo Picante is a fictional...  Read More

There are Port House restaurants dotted around the city, but this particular version, which includes Basque 'Pintxos', the Northern Spanish version of tapas alongside the usual patatas bravas and manchego style dishes. Located right in the heart...  Read More

Located just outside of Dublin Castle, set back from the hustle and bustle of Dame Street, Chez Max is a traditional French caf� serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a charming little garden that will transport you to Paris on a sunny...  Read More


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