Visit These Spectacular Historical and Artistic Sites in Florence

Choosing which sights to see in Florence can seem like an impossible task. There are so many different spots to enjoy, and all have to do with the incredible history of the city. The good thing is that they are all located close together, so you can spend however much time needed at each locale before stopping at the next one.

You will definitely want to visit Michelangelo's David. One of the defining works of the Renaissance, it remains a must-see and worth an entire afternoon if you have it. Florence is full of famous works, but perhaps none so famous as this brilliant work of art. Make sure to buy your tickets online a few days in advance!

Another spot you cannot miss is the Duomo. One ticket will give you access to multiple different attractions, so it's worth paying a little bit more in order to see a bird's eye view from either the campenile or the dome itself. The museum is also worth taking some time and enjoying, and the Baptistry is one of the oldest and best tributes to the beginnings of Florence.

Whatever you decide to do, Florence remains one of the greatest cities in the world--and is well-worth your time enjoying.



Florence's most famous sculpture is the epitome of perfecting in multiple different ways. You'll want to buy your tickets online to see this attraction--it's one of the busiest in the city, and you'll find a long line of tourists waiting to see...  Read More

Boboli Gardens
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee


Open for most of the year, the Boboli Gardens are an incredible tribute to the wealth and power of the Medici Family. Located just behind the Pitti Palace, you can buy a ticket that allows you not only to see the incredible splendor of the...  Read More



A tribute to one of the greatest Italian minds, the Galileo Museum is a must-stop for those looking to enjoy a bit a scientific experience rather than solely an artistic one. Visitors are able to view the great scientist's own tools and maps...  Read More



When you want an extensive look at the history of Florence through art and artifacts, this is the location for you. Boasting a collection unlike any other, it's a reminder of the power and influence Florence had during its glory days. You can...  Read More

Piazzale Michelangelo
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni


Overlooking the city, Piazzale Michelangelo is one of the best places to get a bird's eye view of the city. You'll have to climb a number of stairs, and keep in mind that it will be busy with tourists eager to get the perfect shot of the...  Read More



Florence's most famous church is worth spending an entire afternoon at, and when you purchase a ticket, it's easy to do. The Duomo offers a museum where you can learn about the process involved in making Brunelleschi's incredible feat of...  Read More

Historical Center


Situated in Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio is a reminder of the power and influence that the Medici family had during their reign over Florence. Including an incredible view from the top of the building, frescoes by Michelangelo and...  Read More

Galleria degli Uffizi
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni


As one of the leading art galleries in the world, the Uffizi remains one of the best places in Florence to get an idea of how important art was to the residents and the powerful Medici family. Inside, you will find works by some of the greats:...  Read More

Piazza Santa Croce
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No trip to Florence would be complete without stopping by one of its most famous and beautiful churches--the church of Santa Croce. Located in the party center of the city, you can find notable residents buried here like Michelangelo and...  Read More

Ponte Vecchio
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Florence's most famous bridge is a direct reflection of the city itself, and you'll find that it's worth taking the time to slowly look over some of the beautiful jewelry they have available. You are also afforded some of the best views of the...  Read More


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