You Don't Have to Spend a Lot of Money to Enjoy Florence

Florence offers plenty of free activities to keep you occupied during your stay. You'll find much to do just by taking a look into what's available and which sights are free for you to enter. Exploring the city doesn't mean that it has to cost a lot of money, and with a little research, you can enjoy your time in Florence and make memories--free of charge.

Consider climbing up to the steps of San Miniato al Monte for a wonderful view of the city and a chance to see a working monastery. It's a truly magical experience catching mass, and you can enjoy the sounds of chanting monks while you peruse the church and admire its beauty. You can also take home a little souvenir from the monks here if you would like.

No trip to Florence would be complete without making sure to walk across the Ponte Vecchio. It's one of Florence' most iconic sights and is only a short walk away from the rest of the major attractions in the city center. While you're in the area, you'll want to visit Piazza della Signoria for some people watching and a scoop or two of some of the city's best gelato.


San Miniato al Monte
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee

This little church right about Piazzale Michelangelo is free to enter if you're willing to climb up the steps to the top. Not only is it a wonderful gem worth visiting, but it also is a remaining monastery where you can see the monks at work. If...  Read More

Piazza della Signoria
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni

One of Florence's most famous piazzas offers sights to see. You might want to think about strolling along the outside of the Palazzo Vecchio and checking out the exterior or enjoying the collection of sculptures located in the nearby arcade. Not...  Read More

The incredible Strozzi Palace has recently begun to allow visitors in for free to the contemporary art museum. If you are thinking about a night out with someone you love, heading over to the palace on a Thursday night can be a wonderful way to...  Read More

What better way to see Florence than to walk among the cobblestoned streets and learn something new about the city? Florence's free walking tours offer an opportunity to enjoy the city in a way you never have before. The guides are all there on...  Read More

Open to everyone, the Mercato Centrale has some incredible options for those looking for gifts or those who just want to take a look around. You'll find all sorts of good, local foods here worth taking home to family or just to try. It's also a...  Read More

Parco delle Cascine
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Located just a little bit outside the city center, you can find a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy nature. Cascine Park is one of the best places to get away from the cobblestoned streets and to enjoy trees and nature. You'll find places where you...  Read More

Located on the bank of the Arno, you can now find a small beach worth visiting and catching a tan. Make sure to bring your towels and sunblock as you sit in the sand and enjoy your holiday. You will find snack and drink stands available if you...  Read More

Few people know that they can get into the Duomo for free. Though you might need to purchase a ticket to see the other sights (if you would like to climb up the campanile or dome itself you will need to go to the ticket office), you can enter...  Read More

Ponte Vecchio
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni

Florence's most famous bridge is also one of the best free activities you can find in the city. Not only is is home to some of the city's most romantic views, but it might be one of the best spots to learn about Florence's history. Make sure to...  Read More

Piazzale Michelangelo
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni

For some of the most spectacular views of the city, nothing can beat the impressive Piazzale Michelangelo. Not only is the perfect place to bring a loved one, enjoy a glass or two of wine, and listen to the music they often have playing up...  Read More


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