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You'll Find Plenty of Museums to Visit in Florence

The hardest part about going to Florence's museums is choosing which ones are worth your time. With so many different options, you could spend your entire Florentine experience walking the halls of the many museums here. Art lovers will be in heaven--the city is one of the best to see works by the great masters: da Vinci, Michelangelo, and many others are available to view.

It would be an absolute shame to miss the Uffizi Gallery. It's home to some of the most famous works of art in Italy, and you should think about taking an entire afternoon to visit. It's constantly crowded in the summer, and the lines can stretch out long--booking online can help you solve the problem of spending most of your time waiting.

Also make sure to stop by the Museo Galileo if you love science and history. Not only do you get a feel of what life must have been like at that time, but it's also a great spot for the kids to learn about the advancements Galileo made with his discoveries. Another great museum to take the kids to is the Palazzo Strozzi, where there are no exhibits all the time to keep them and you engaged.

Historical Center


The old palace located in Piazza della Signoria offers a lot to visitors. You can step inside the entrance for free, and a ticket allows you access to the old rooms where the Medici family used to live and run the city of Florence. You'll find...  Read More



Fashion lovers won't be able to get enough of the Gucci Museum right next to Piazza della Signoria. Not only can you see how the Gucci legacy was built, but you can also see how much care and quality they put into their products. For those...  Read More



If the Uffizi is the home of some of the best paintings in Florence, then the Bargello is the Uffiizi for sculpture. You'll find all sorts of terrific statues from multiple different time periods and plenty to see while you spend your time here....  Read More



A smaller and quieter museum usually looked over by tourists is the Bardini Museum. An antiques collector with a passion for history, Bardini put together his collection in his private home. After his death, it was made into a museum and his...  Read More

Palazzo Pitti
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The extensive Pitti Palace has almost too much to offer visitors. Not only can you wander through the elaborate rooms and view the extensive collection of tapestries and furniture, but you can also take time to step outside--the Boboli Gardens...  Read More



Not only is the Duomo one of the crowning architectural achievements in Florence, but it also has several different museums attached worth visiting and spending a ticket on. You can get several ticket options depending on what sounds like the...  Read More



Both history and science lovers will find that the Museo Galileo is worth exploring. You can find plenty to see for everyone of all ages--it's a great spot to take the kids after so many different art museums. It's an hands-on museum with lots...  Read More



The Strozzi Palace is famous for hosting several new exhibits a year, and you'll find everything from Picasso to classic Greek and Roman sculpture. There's a program for children and a cafe offering delicious coffee and food options on the lower...  Read More



Not only does Florence's famous Accademia building hold one of the most iconic works from the Renaissance, Michelangelo's David, but it also holds some amazing works of art worth perusing. It would be a shame not to visit Florence without...  Read More

Galleria degli Uffizi
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Florence's most famous museum holds some of the most memorable works of art in Italy. You'll find works by some of the top Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, da Vinci, Lippi, and many others. It can take you hours to walk through the...  Read More


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