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Fall in Love in the Beautiful City of Florence

Florence can be an incredibly special place when you are with someone you care about. Fortunately, there is also plenty to do and see when you are with your significant other. Italy is a country of romance, and Florence is a city that exemplifies it in almost every way.

When you want an overall great view of the city, one of the best places to view the entirety of it is San Miniato al Monte. This serene environment makes it easy to relax and enjoy your company with someone you love. Climbing the steps can be a difficult endeavor, but it's worth it when reaching the top in order to get the kind of view you'll remember for a lifetime.

Also think about a wine-tasting expedition with Grape Tours or consider going on a walk through the blooming rose garden at the magnificent Boboli Gardens. The hardest part is not finding something to do, but choosing which activity sounds like the most fun for you and your love. 


Parco delle Cascine
Photo courtesy of Auto Euorpa


Nothing is more romantic than heading to a park for a picnic and the Cascine Park on the edge of the city. You can not only find the perfect place to ride your rented bike, but you can also relax and sit in the shade when you are dealing with a...  Read More



If you are planning on making the ultimate romantic gesture, then you will want to make sure to stop by the popular jewelry store in order to find the perfect ring for your loved one. The expert salespeople are happy to help you with any of your...  Read More



Located on the other side of the Arno River, this spot has been recently famous for being the location of the Kim Kardashian wedding. Originally built in order to fortify the city during siege and to protect the Medici family from any major...  Read More

San Miniato al Monte
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee


This tiny church located even higher than Piazzle Michelangelo offers some amazing views of the city if you are willing to make the climb. Not only can you see the city the way it is meant to be seen, but you can also tour the church where monks...  Read More



If you are an active couple and want to get outdoors, a bike tour is one of the best ways to make sure that you get the exercise that you need. There are several tours available--whether you plan on biking to a nearby town or you plan on staying...  Read More



Get out of the city and enjoy some delicious wine. Grape Tours offers some amazing tours for couples to try some of the best wines in the Tuscan area. You can choose the tour that works best for you--whether you are thinking about spending an...  Read More



As Florence's historic opera house, nothing is more romantic than taking your date out for a night at the theater. Whether you plan on seeing an opera or you would like to treat him or her to a performance of classical music, you can find an...  Read More

Boboli Gardens
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee


If you like to be able to stop and smell the roses, you'll want to check out the Boboli Gardens near the Pitti Palace. Not only can you have a lovely picnic inside when you buy a ticket, but you can also visit the fascinating silver and costume...  Read More

Piazzale Michelangelo
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni


When you want the perfect place to sit an enjoy the beautiful, bird's-eye view of Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo is a favorite spot to impress your loved one or your date. If you are thinking about putting together a romantic date and you want...  Read More

Ponte Vecchio
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Bettoni


It's hard to find a more romantic spot than Florence's most-loved bridge. Whether you feel like taking a stroll at sunset or you plan on purchasing a piece of jewelry to stun, the Ponte Vecchio offers the perfect place for lovers to gather and...  Read More


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