Wine in Florence: Taste the Local Chianti on These Fabulous Tours

You would be missing out if you chose not to take one of the incredible tours offered in Florence. When you need to get out of the city center and you want to enjoy your time in one of the many wineries in the surrounding area, you're sure to find someone who can take you there and make your experience one you will never forget.

Consider booking through Under the Tuscan Sun Tours. Not only do they have some amazing guides will to walk you through each step of the way the wine is made, but they are also upbeat and knowledgeable. It can be hard to feel like you've gotten an authentic taste of what the secret to chianti is, but this tour company gives you the feeling like you've been treated to the family recipe.

Grape Tours also offers some of the best of the best in quality information about the wine. Between their excellent tour guides and the intimate experience that they provide, you're sure to have a wonderful time learning about how Florence's most famous type of wine is made. It would be a shame not to take a tour, but you have plenty of wonderful options available to choose from.

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