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Stay in Comfort and Style at These Boutique Hotels in Florence

Florence has many hotels where you can enjoy your stay, but it can be difficult to find one with charm and also in a good location, as well. When you are looking to make the most of your time in the city, you want to stay in some unique boutique hotels where you can toast the finest the city has to offer.

You might want to consider looking into the Golden Tower Hotel when you want the absolute feeling of luxury without feeling as though you are in a stuffy hotel, this spot can be just right for you and your loved one. When looking for a hotel and knowing there are so many different options, it's not a bad idea to take a look online to see which ones appeal to you--it also helps to book in advance.

Hotel Brunelleschi is another gem located right next to the Duomo. You'll find that not only is it an easy walk to the city center, but the staff is also happy to help you with whatever needs you might have. You deserve the best of the best when you stay in Florence, and with so many different boutique hotels available, you're sure to find what you've been looking for.


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You won't find a more beautiful hotel in Florence, and the Hotel Brunelleschi makes sure to offer its guests everything you might need while you stay there. With views of the Duomo right there and only an easy walk to the city center, you'll find yourself pampered. Rooms are small but well-decorated and you can find a great selection of restaurants and things to do only minutes away from the hotel. This is the perfect spot for a honeymoon vacation or a hotel for couples--you'll find yourself gaping at the view whether you choose to stay one day or five.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: The Hotel Brunelleschi offers some of the best views from the city from their comfortable rooms.

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You'll want to book this spot well in advance as there are a limited amount of rooms available. However, this quiet, tiny boutique hotel offers guests the chance to fully explore the city and return to a quiet atmosphere with lavishly decorated rooms. A great staff is willing to assist you anytime of the day, and the location in Piazza della Signoria places you close to everything you might want to see. Look into booking a few months in advance--the staff will be happy to help you if you need help booking or if you have any questions about which rooms might be available.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: The room decor here is unlike any other--and it's in a great location too.

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For great meals at the hotel and if you would like a location close to the Duomo, Hotel Cerretani is a favorite of frequent visitors to Florence. Despite the fact that it is right in the city center, it's also extremely quiet and serves as the perfect boutique hotel for couples looking for some time to enjoy the city and to relax. The central location makes it worth considering when you want easy access to everything and you want a modern feel. The view from the hotel of the Duomo is also a reason to book this spot when you are looking for a quiet, but new hotel.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: The Cerretani has great meals and a view of the magnificent Duomo.

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When you are searching for a staff to deliver your every need, the NH Collection is the perfect hotel for you. Quality customer service is of the utmost importance here, and the location is also another reason to book at room here--you're within five minutes of all the major attractions and you have an excellent staff to guide you in the right direction. For classic style and a chance to get to every sight that you want to see, the NH Collection offers you the location and the help you need in order to make your stay truly one that you will remember for years to come.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: The NH Porta Rossa prides itself on quality staff and an excellent location.

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Golden Tower Hotel & Spa
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Situated near Piazza della Repubblica, the Golden Tower Hotel and Spa has been a staple of boutique hotels in the city for years. Not only is it a comfortable spot with the feel of a getaway vacation, but it also offers some great perks. There are plenty of great restaurants nearby worth checking out in the area. Just ask the friendly and helpful staff for some suggestions if you're confused on where you should go. The Golden Tower straddles the line between acting as just another boutique hotel and serving as a modern spot where you can relax and enjoy the best of the city.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: You'll find perfect service and homey rooms at this hotel with a wonderful spa attached.

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For a modern look and feel that you will enjoy during your entire stay, you might want to think about booking at the Gallery Art Hotel where you can relax and enjoy some amazing views. You'll find a fabulous bar with plenty of drink options to keep you satisfied throughout the evening and the location offers an easy way for you to get to all the major attractions in the city. With the Ponte Vecchio on one side and the Piazza della Signoria close by, you can't help but enjoy this small boutique hotel in the heart of the city and offering some of the best views around.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: This modern and beautiful hotel offers excellent views and a great location.

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In the heart of the city next to the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, the Monna Lisa has taken up a beautiful building with large rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel tries to incorporate a bit of the old world of the city without compromising on modern conveniences. The outdoor garden serves as the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, and you might want to think about stopping by the well-stocked bar for a glass of wine. Large beds occupy the rooms and the hotel is located close to some great restaurants where you can find a meal like no other.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: For old school style and, the Hotel Monna Lisa is like stepping back int time.

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For those looking for easy access to the city center and with an old-fashioned feel, Firenze Number Nine is the perfect place to feel like you are truly getting away from it all. Between the fantastic gym and the easy walking distance to all the major attractions, you'll feel pampered while you stay here. A spa and breakfast are also available to help you get through your day and to enjoy your time while you are in Florence. If you want a place that it close to all the major attractions but still feels like you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Firenze Number Nine is a great choice.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: Firenze Number Nine Combines a classic feel with modern convenience.

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The Hotel Lungarno fits the perfect picture of a "room with a view." This small hotel represents charm and elegance in its design and offers guests the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view. It is also located just steps away from Florence's iconic bridge, the Ponte Vecchio. You'll be able to walk to everything, and the staff is ready to check you in and make sure you are well-taken care of while you enjoy your stay in Florence. Feel free to ask them any questions about restaurants or other sights--the hotel is located in an area where you can easily get to all of them.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: You'll find fantastic views and service at this hotel located near all the attractions.

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Florence offers many boutique hotel options, but few manage to outshine this spot in the city center. Not only is the location one of the main reasons to consider this spot where the service is top tier, but the rooms are pristine and the rooftop terrace is reason alone to book here. Everything you could want from a small boutique hotel can be found here, so you will want to book well in advance because this is one of the most popular hotels within the city. If you want some of the best in service and quality, JK Place is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Florence at its finest.

Recommended for Boutique Hotels because: JK Place has a lovely staff and is located right in the city center.

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