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Stay In the Lap of Luxury at These Hotels in Florence

Florence has plenty of luxury options available for guests who want to enjoy the finer options in the city. You might want to consider checking out some of the many different hotels available when you are looking to spend some time in some of Florence's most iconic and well-known spots establishments.

The Hotel Savoy offers guests a welcoming and luxurious experience in the heart of the city near the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica. It's perfect for guests to see everything they might want to on while on their Florence vacation. Not only do you have access to some well-designed rooms with plenty of amenities, but you can also enjoy a modern, Italian experience.

To get away from some of the hustle and bustle you might experience in the city center, you might want to think about heading over the Arno River to JK Place. Not only can you see how some of the locals live, but you can also have a chance to truly relax in luxury. For one of the most impressive and beautiful hotels, the Westin Excelsior Florence continues to remain the top choice for many business travelers and those who want to enjoy the finest in the city.



The Four Seasons is a newer addition to the luxury hotel circuit in Florence, but it is one of the best places to find modern conveniences you might not at other establishments in the city. With a workout room and a whirlpool, the Four Seasons...  Read More

Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy
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A wonderful combination of modern and classic decor, you can find everything you need at the Hotel Savoy. When you are looking for an exceptionally talented and helpful staff, this spot offers a beautiful look out into Piazza della Repubblica...  Read More

Airport - Flr
Il Salviatino
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A mixture of several different atmospheres, Il Salviatino is situated a short distance away from the city, accessible by a quick drive. One of the perks of this beautiful establishment is the views of both the small town of Fiesole and of...  Read More



If large and grand is not what you are looking for and you would like a more intimate feel when you are planning on staying in Florence, the Regency is a great place to find that bed and breakfast feel. The breakfasts are delicious and the space...  Read More



Located on the other side of the Arno River, this spot offers multiple rooms with decadence as the main feature of the hotel. There are some absolutely beautiful suites available for guests, and it provides some wonderful ways to relax away from...  Read More

The St. Regis Florence
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Famous for being one of the highest in luxury on the other side of the river, the St. Regis combines class and beauty to make it one of the best places to pamper yourself within the city. It might not have the same local feel as some of the...  Read More



Villa Cora makes it possible to enjoy luxury without being too far away from the city center of Florence. Only about a twenty-minute walk away from the major attractions, its location offers the best of both worlds--an escape from the tourists...  Read More



Offering both a luxury experience and a boutique feel, this hotel located in the city center offers plenty for guests when they want to feel like the have everything they need in order to enjoy their stay. When you are thinking about finding a...  Read More



Depending how closely you want to remain to the crowds and the liveliness of Florence, Villa San Michele can offer you the distance that you need in order to enjoy the Tuscan area. There are several different room options and a facade designed...  Read More

The Westin Excelsior, Florence
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The Westin still remains the example to which every luxury hotel in Florence strives for. Not only does it offer some of the best views during the summer months from the rooftop balcony overlooking the Arno. It's in a wonderful location,...  Read More


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