Find a Great Night Scene and Fun Bars in Florence

Florence is a city that never sleeps. You'll be able to find a place open well into the morning, and the bars are no exception. There are also plenty of different types that will keep you returning time after time--you're sure to find something for all tastes.

Consider looking into going to Mayday when you are wanting to meet some of the locals and want to talk about which places in Florence would be the best to visit. Not only are there some great drinks available for some reasonable prices, but the thoughtful interior is also part of what makes Mayday a spot to frequent.

Another spot worth walking over the Arno River for is Popcafe, where you can get a classic Florentine drink and enjoy the Piazza Santo Spirito right outside. You'll find a vibrant nightlife in this area, and you'll also have a chance to see what Florence is like when it's crowded with tourists. Also, if you are looking for the best and most plentiful aperitivo in the Santa Croce region, Moyo can't be beat. You'll leave not only satisfied with your drink, but also stuffed full of food that they have put out from their kitchen.



If you are looking for anything resembling a biker bar in Florence, this would be the place to go. Serving up some local craft brews and maintaining a tough-and-ready-atmosphere, this is a good place to consider bellying up to the bar. Located...  Read More



A popular location among the young crowd and study abroad students in Florence, you'll find a conglomeration of people here ready to have a good time and to enjoy the themed nights that often take place. When you want a taste of home, you'll...  Read More



For those looking for quality cocktails and a bit more of a refined setting, the Art Bar manages to create a space where you would not feel out of place running into a famous artistic figure. The cocktails themselves are masterpieces, and...  Read More



If you are looking for some unique drinks and a party-friendly atmosphere for young people, consider looking into heading over to Astor. Not only does it offer some of the best drink combinations and cocktails available, but it also transforms...  Read More



The William is one of the busiest bars located in the Santa Croce region, and for good reason. When you want a pub-like feel with a great cocktail selection, it's worth it to stop by at this spot only a two-minute walk from the glorious Santa...  Read More



For a fun time with some great music, the Loch Ness Lounge located near Santa Croce and the main drag of the Florence part scene is a good place to stop by and have a beer or two. Loch Ness is a combination of old and new--the interior is...  Read More



When you want a quirky, off-beat bar to head to with a lot of locals, you should think about heading over to the Public House near the train station and the church of Santa Maria Novella. Not only do they have some great craft beers imported in...  Read More



In the Santo Spirito area, there are plenty of bars available for a good time out. If you're interested in trying some of Florence's best cocktails and enjoying a spectacular view of the Santo Spirito church, Popcafe is the place to be when you...  Read More



One of the most popular spots in Florence, Moyo is well-known for great drinks, a modern interior, and the best aperitivo in the city. Located in the very heart of Florence's party scene, you can expect to find some of the newest music on the...  Read More



Tucked away from many of the other bars and nightlife spots in Florence, Mayday is a unique spot that offers a chance for guests to enjoy some great wine options or a well-priced cocktail. You'll find it full of young Florentines willing to meet...  Read More


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