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Spend the Whole Night Out at these Spots in Florence

Florence has some incredible places to dance the night away. The hardest part is finding which club is best to spend your evening. Most of the clubs are located a short walk from the Duomo and are located in the city center--making it easy for you to find them when you are coming home after a fun night.

No trip to Florence in the summer is complete without heading to Flo', the city's most popular dance and aperitivo hot spot. Make sure you dress up--you might not be let in if you don't have the proper attire. You'll find some amazing drink items and more than enough food to go around.

If you are thinking about heading to a local spot, Rex has some great patrons and music. It's the perfect amount of Florentine flavor and an easy walk from the city center. For some major partying, check out Space--you'll find a warehouse full of people willing to dance and have a good time.



From study abroad students to young Italian men, the Bambook Club encapsulates the city center and the people who like to party in this area. You won't find it as packed as some of the other clubs in the area, but that's a good thing. You'll...  Read More

Airport - Flr
Full Up


Located near the Duomo and touting some of the best music selections in the city, Full Up has plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great sound with your friends. You'll find music here from by-gone eras as well as the newest hits--and it's often...  Read More



Though it is open during the day for coffee and snacks, Rex really starts to bring a crowd in during the evenings. You'll find a low key vibe with music, but some nights, you can hit the floor and enjoy an eclectic crowd. Consider trying some of...  Read More



When you are looking for a full-blown night out with friends, the night wouldn't be complete without at stop at Club TwentyOne. It's a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, so you are more likely to meet some interesting people from all...  Read More



Tenax might be the best place to dance in Florence, and with its reputation for being one of the most popular clubs among locals, you can expect to get a fun crowd of people ready to have a good time. The two levels provide different kinds of...  Read More



Blob can bring in some very interesting characters, but that's what makes it part of the fun. You might want to see if you can go with some regulars--otherwise they can ding you with a 10 Euro cover charge. The dancing is limited to the first...  Read More



Space offers a little something for everyone. Whether you plan to stay on the dance floor all night or you want to relax and get to know the locals, you should think about having a drink here. Space has a great dance floor and an up-for-anything...  Read More



You might not always be in the mood to party with a ton of study abroad students and foreigners. When you want to be a little bit away from the city center and to make a night out of it, you should think about heading on over to Ickarus on the...  Read More

Dolce Vita
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Whether you want to simply stop by and peruse the many artworks here with a well-made drink or you want to dance the night away, Dolce Vita has a little something for everyone. The area where the bar/dance club is located fills up--oftentimes so...  Read More



You might want to think about spending the whole night at Flo'. It's one of the most popular clubs in Florence and is only open during the summer months--making it extra busy. Most visitors don't know about the happy hour and buffet earlier in...  Read More


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