Gay and Lesbian clubs located in the center and in the surrounding cities

Gay and Lesbian clubs are hard to search for in any city, so here is a great list of the top clubs in Florence. Tabasco is the oldest and most famous gay club in Florence. It was founded in 1974 in the height of disco. Tabasco club is located just off of Piazza della Signoria in a very small piazza, look the exact address up so you won’t get lost. The other more famous gay club is Y.A.G. bar. It is located on Via de’ Macci right off of Piazza Santa Croce. A popular area to gather, especially in the summertime, Santa Croce is home to many of the popular locales.

Crisco Club and Hard Bar 85 are underground clubs that wake up during the late evening hours. They have member cards that you must purchase to enter. They are also very hardcore gay clubs, some nights without lights, some with night swimming and saunas. There are theme nights for gay men and also for lesbians. On Saturday nights at the frequented night club DORIS, Fairy Gold club takes over. They perform drag shows and fill the 3 floors of dancing with house music by the most talented DJs in Florence. Tenax club outside the city center, has a mix of both gay and straight communities each night. Makes each night even more exciting.

Florence offers many types of gay club throughout the center and outside. Find your preferred nightlife spot and stop by for a cocktail or a bit of dancing.

Outside the city


BK BAR Butterfly Kiss is a quiet place where you can spend hours. With the company of friends, cocktails and music, you can enjoy the atmosphere. You can watch music videos from the 70s and as well as play board games. Video games and pinball...  Read More



Piccolo Cafe is located in the heart of Florence. Right off of Piazza Santa Croce, Piccolo Caffe caters to a wide range of gays and lesbians. A rather laid back cafe that serves its patrons late into the morning hours, it has an interesting...  Read More



YAG BAR is located right off of Piazza Santa Croce on Via de' Macci. A gay and lesbian bar, which specialize in dancing all night long. There are big screen TVs all over the walls where they play the concerts and videos all night long. Wi-Fi is...  Read More



Fairy Gold is held at DORIS Club every Saturday night. It has 3 dance floors of dancing fun. This is one of the most famous clubs in Florence since DORIS has been around for a long time. They reinvent DORIS into Fairy Gold every Saturday night....  Read More



Florence Baths opened in 1991 where open-minded gay people could gather. In Florence there aren't many saunas that can be used as nightlife hotspot. You are given slippers and towels when you enter after paying the cashier. Then finding your way...  Read More



Krisco Club is a historic gay club located in Via Sant'Egidio. It is a new gay club that is not only a cruising club but a club for parties, theme nights and performances. Krisco Club has a unique 80s spirit that expresses true contemporary...  Read More



Hard Bar85 is just a few meters from the Santa Maria Novella train station. This is a very hardcore gay club where nights are long and the people are very experimental. The hours are from 12:30am to 6am on the weekends and 10:30pm-3am on the...  Read More



Tabasco Gay Club was founded in 1974 and it was the first Italian gay club. It is located in a small square in Piazza della Signoria. The club is in an ancient crypt of Santa Cecilia, where Dante and Beatrice are said to have met. The crypt was...  Read More


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