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Drink Up for a Good Price at these Fun Bars in Florence

Florence has plenty of options when it comes to quality places with good drinks. Whether you choose to stick to the city center or you plan to try something local and go to the other side of Arno River, you'll find spots where you can sit and relax and enjoy a nice cold beer or a glass of wine.

Dolce Vita offers the perfect location for those who love art and who want to be entertained while they drink. There is always something going on, so you will want to which nights they have certain events so you can truly enjoy the local atmosphere and the drinks and customers that they have there.

It's not a night out without going to Moyo. Not only will you find it always busy, but it's a great place to meet a new crowd of people. The William Pub also offers guests a typical pub atmosphere for those who want to go a more traditional route.


It's not easy finding a Happy Hour location in Florence that hasn't been combed over by tourists, but the Friends Pub achieves a local feel without being isolating. They have a good selection of beers, and the establishment is far enough away from the beaten tourist path that you unlikely to see any sitting at the bar. Friends Pub does a great job of feeling like a typical Irish pub and still attracting many Italians. This is a great place to feel like you are getting away from sometimes overwhelming crowds filtering in and out of Florence, and enjoying a true local experience.

If you are in the Santa Croce area and you are looking to have a drink, The William is a great place to sit and enjoy a beer or two. The interior is decorated to resemble an English or Irish pub, so if you feel like enjoying a different setting then this is worth the stop. They have beers from all over Europe, so if sampling wine or cocktails isn't your thing, you can enjoy a delicious brew for a fair price. After stopping here, taking a stroll through Piazza Santa Croce is the perfect way to end a long day visiting Florence.

There are very few restaurants in Italy that are geared toward quality Mexican food and drinks, but Tijuana offers guests a chance to try something new when you are sick of the typical choices you might experience at an average bar. They have some great drink specialities that will keep you going throughout the night, and you can also order some sides for the perfect pub food while you enjoy some sangria or a cocktail. Be prepared--it tends to get a little busy on the weekends with many study abroad students and tourists, but it's often worth the wait in order for the Happy Hour specials.


When you want to try something a little off the beaten path and you are craving a nice, cold beer, the Public House offers visitors a retro feel and plenty of brew options. It's unlike anything else you will find in Florence--so when you are craving a bit of the unexpected, this is the place to go. They often have the Fiorentina games on their TV screens, so you never have to miss a moment of the action. Tuesday is the best day to frequent this pub--Happy Hour lasts from 5 pm to closing, and you'll always find some interesting people here.

For a classy night away, this can be one of the best places in the city to visit. A perfect first date location, you can't go wrong with taking someone special here. Not only do you have some incredible cocktails in an incredible environment for a reasonable price, but you also have the chance to relax in a beautiful atmosphere with a great staff on hand. Though you might find the patrons here hard to get to know, this can be the ideal spot for a special occasion when you want to try some quality wines and to impress the person you are with.

There are several locations for this pub, but the one in Piazza Signoria is probably the best known and the most fun for visitors. Not only is it in one of the most gorgeous areas of the city (you have an amazing view of the Palazzo Vecchio), but the bar itself is worth the visit. You might want to think about grabbing one of the tables outdoors--sometimes they have live sporting events displayed by projectors on some of the old buildings surrounding the pub. The drinks are reasonably priced, and when you are looking for a pub that has a homey feel, this is the place to go.

One of the best things about Mayday is that it combines the best of Italian and American culture. You won't find a place that offers cocktails for a better price, and the staff is attentive and fun. You'll find an eclectic group of people who like to come here--a combinations of young locals and study abroad students make this place an interesting blend of friendly people with some great drinks. Perfect for a date night or getting together with a group of friends and enjoying a night tucked away from the typical tourist crowd that you might find at some other bars.

Dolce Vita
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This spot offers both a chance to hang with locals and to see the newest in artwork in the city. You'll find not only some delicious cocktails for reasonable prices, but it also gives you a chance to get out of the city center and see a more local atmosphere without walking too far from your hotel room. You'll find the brightest stars of Florence's art scene and plenty of art to keep your stimulated while you enjoy aperitivo and and your drink. Dolce Vita has everything you need to enjoy your night and your Happy Hour in a new city.

When you are feeling like you want the typical Italian experience of aperitivo and a cocktail, Moyo can satisfy all your needs. Pull up a chair outside or enjoy the sultry interior--there are so many drink options available that you might have a hard time choosing. The staff filters in and out, supplying new kinds of aperitivo that you'll want to go back and keep tasting. During football season (or to Americans, soccer), they show the game on several screen so you don't miss anything. Whether you think about ordering some of their cocktails or if you are there for a simple glass of wine, you'll be glad you stopped by.

For the true Italian definition of Happy Hour, you'll want to head over to Panbriaco where you can get some delicious wine and cheese options. Aperitivo is the most common form of Happy Hour in Florence, and Panbriaco is known as one of the best places to do it well. You'll find all the classic Tuscan wines you could ever want as well as some incredible meats and cheeses to make your Happy Hour experience complete. If you have any questions, make sure to ask the staff. They are knowledgeable and happy to help you with any concerns you might have.


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