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Best Live Music in Florence

Listen to Florence's Sounds at these Live Music Spots

For those looking to enjoy a night out with a variety of sounds, Florence has plenty of places for you to sit back and enjoy classics, jazz, and new, local favorites. You'll find bands put together by expats, young people, and those just looking to jam while you sip on a negroni and appreciate the beat.

The Jazz Club is a new spot where local musicians like to show off and play their best. For true jazz lovers, you won't find a better spot in the city to enjoy some classic sounds performed by some talented musicians who love what they do.

Rock 'n roll is served up on a regular basis at the Viper Theater. Attracting some big names and some local bands, the crowds here are passionate about their music. Different nights feature different types of rock, so you'll want to check out what is playing before you head over there. The Fiddler's Elbow is the perfect spot for a pint and to hear some songs from local singer/songwriters.


If you're a book lover and prefer hearing some alternative music compared to the regular set that you might find at an Irish pub or two, Le Cite offers a hipster-esque vibe and some homebrewed coffee and teas. During the day, it's a haven for those looking to work and study, but during the evening, the place starts to pick up with some live music including a piano and guitar set. Expect to find professionals here--and the group is usually more Florentine than English considering where it located on the other side of the river. Think about trying a new type of beer here, or shirk the alcohol and choose a quality hot beverage.

Recommended for Live Music because: La Cite has a great alternative culture and is a popular local spot.

Alexa's expert tip: Come at any hour--they always have something going on.

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This funky spot is a popular location for students and those looking for some acoustic music. Poetry readings are held here on days where there isn't live music, and during the day customers can sit and relax while doing work or by enjoying a good book. During the evening, cocktails and apertivo are served while events go on. Though it is a bit of a walk away from the city center, for those looking for a more local setting, it's often worth it. It's a great spot for young people and the staff is helpful and speaks English so you'll have no problems communicating.

Recommended for Live Music because: You'll love this fun, chill spot popular among locals and young people with modern music tastes.

Alexa's expert tip: Try some of their cocktails here--they are especially unique.

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If you want to tone it down a bit and you're in the mood for some music resembling Clapton rather than the Sex Pistols, the Guitar Club on the other side of the river has some perfect nooks and crannies for you to slip into with a cocktail and enjoy the talent. It's not always open during regular hours, and it caters around to when local acts can devote some of their time to setting a mellow mood, so you will want to check online for the schedule and see if you can find a night or two that works for you. This is the perfect location to take the Italian woman you managed to cajole into a night with you.

Recommended for Live Music because: Great music by local artists highlight this spot away from the main city center.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure you have a taxi lined up to get home--this is a late night spot.

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An English pub located near Santa Croce, the William is famous for catering to expats and those looking to enjoy a quality brew while sitting in their wonderful outdoor seating or curled up in a booth with friend. Though it doesn't have live music every night, it usually does twice a week or on special holidays or occasions. You'll find expats crooning hits from America, the UK, and others while you sip on a pint. When you are longing for something familiar, this pub is a great place to relax before you take a walk near the famous Santa Croce church.

Recommended for Live Music because: The William is large and hosts multiple live music events throughout the week.

Alexa's expert tip: Grab a pint here--they have plenty of choices.

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Another Irish pub located in the thriving area of Santa Maria Novella, there's always some sort of music going on in the backroom of this fun establishment. Open mic night is a popular option if you want to see some talented artists and you want a quality pint of Guinness. Feel free to talk to the musicians--they're happy to talk to you about the songs they're playing. You'll find a friendly, older group here. If you are planning on making some new friends during your time in Florence, you'll want to stop by on one of the many nights that they have some music.

Recommended for Live Music because: A great environment with a mix of locals makes this pub a fun place for all.

Alexa's expert tip: Arrive around ten for the open mic on Thursdays!

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Located in the happening Santo Spirito area, Tamero highlights all the main genres of music. Transformed from a regular bar and pasta spot to a night club around eleven p.m., you can expect to find a young, local crowd ready to hear some music. It's an artist's paradise, and accompanying the live music you can usually find some poetry readings and happenings all with a laid-back vibe. The Santo Spirito area in general is a good place to look for a fun night out, but Tamero gives guests a chance to wind down and enjoy some of the Florentine youth culture.

Recommended for Live Music because: Tamero is perfect for those who like to go a little off the beaten path,

Alexa's expert tip: Think about trying one of their beers here.

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Florence is well known for being a city that loves its jazz, and several bars in the area have an old-fashioned theme. The Jazz Club is the perfect spot to listen to some local musicians and to enjoy an evening with great music and some of Florence's locals. You can buy some delicious cocktails, grab a seat, and enjoy the intimate setting unique from many places in the city where partying overtakes the quality of the music. For those who want to try something new and listen to some amazing music, this is the perfect place to enjoy a night out.

Recommended for Live Music because: When you are looking for some old-style jazz, you can find it here.

Local Expert tip: Make sure to get there early--this is a popular place for locals!

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If you are planning to rock the night away and enjoy some real rock and roll, Viper Theater offers some of the top acts traveling through Florence. When you are craving a concert rather than a night of acoustic music, Viper has a great stage and opportunities to see some well-known bands. You'll want to take a look at the schedule online, since nights that someone isn't playing it is usually turned into a discoteca. Grab a beer, bring a friend, and enjoy a night of fantastic music in this cool and almost strictly local venue designed to impress each guest.

Recommended for Live Music because: Viper Club a great selection of new music and some you'll want to dance to.

Alexa's expert tip: Check out past events that they have online--those acts might return.

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The Red Garter has plenty of events going on throughout the year for those looking to enjoy all types of music. Whether you are into the old classics from the 60s and 70s or you are looking for some new Italian hits to take back to your friends at home, you're sure to find it here. Other than featuring live music, the Red Garter also has karaoke some night for those looking to bust some chops. It's important to take a look at their website so you know what's going on each night--there's something for everyone if you take the opportunity to search.

Recommended for Live Music because: This fun spot has American hits and Italian favorites for a good night.

Alexa's expert tip: Check online for the schedules so you know which nights they're playing live music.

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Known as a spot for the alternative, young crowd in Florence, the Liberia Cafe la Cite has wonderful drinks and includes a place to relax during the day. In the afternoons and mornings, grab your favorite coffee or tea and read some of the selections they have available there. During the evening, you can listen to the sounds of Florence's up and coming bands--there's always something new a fun to listen to. Because this is such an intimate setting, it feels like getting together at your favorite coffee shop and enjoying time to relax with people that you love and want to share this time with.

Recommended for Live Music because: This quirky bookshop/live music venue has everything for the hipster crowd.

Local Expert tip: Try some of their tea--it's delicious and they import it.

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