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Best Wine Bars in Florence

Florence Has Some of the Best Wines Imported from Tuscany

Florence has more than enough wine bars to keep visitors busy while the explore the city. It's not unusual for Florentines to take a break during the day and enjoy a siesta--a nap or a wine break where you can sit and relax during the middle of the day. Fortunately, you'll find that the city can offer you many spots to check out and enjoy this classic Italian tradition.

You might want to consider checking out Dondino's, a newer spot with plenty of charm and many different wine options served up by some locals who know the wine business like no other. You can also sit outside and enjoy their spectacular view of the Santa Croce church while basking in the fading Tuscan sun.

Another hotspot is Casa del Vino, where the attention to wine is incredibly important. You'll find that each bottle featured is personally looked over and has been carefully chosen. You can sit and relax in their cozy environment and enjoy a glass of red that you won't be likely to forget. Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina offers some good choices, as well. The location is also reason to stop by here--the beautiful Pitti Palace is your backdrop while you sip on your choice of wine. 


Sandwiches and wine tend to be the perfect combination in Italy, and when you are searching for both, the wonderful selection at I Due Fratellini make this a place worth stopping by when you've worked up an appetite. The wine selection is perfect for a mid-day meal, and not only can you choose to buy wine buy the bottle, but there are plenty of open bottles available when you only just want a glass or two to tide you over. Between the delicious sandwiches available and the well-stocked wine cellar, there's no way you won't leave feeling satisfied and happy with your choice.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You'll love the delicious sandwiches and many different wine options.

Alexa's expert tip: Try this spot at lunch, but it gets very busy!

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Class and style reign at Dei Frescobaldi, where you can enjoy not only some wonderful wines from their thoughtful selection, but also a wonderful meal. Located near the Uffizi right in the city center, you won't find a better way to spend the evening as you try some of the items that they have here. Despite being situated in an area that caters mostly to tourists, you'll find that it has a homey feel to it, and the wine they serve more than satisfies any craving you might have for a classic red. If you are looking for elegance, this is the spot you might want to consider.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You'll love the classic, elegant feel of this wine bar and restaurant.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about enjoying a glass of wine before moving over the the restaurant.

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For an extremely local feel and some amazing panini sandwiches, Casa del Vino takes pride in offering local prices and great wine. The staff will help you choose some great choices when you are unsure about which types of wines would be best for the evening, and you shouldn't leave without sampling some of the meats and cheeses they have. You can find a cheap but good glass of wine here--don't be afraid to try a new kind or something that is suggested to you from the well-taught and knowing staff. You won't get any more of a local experience than here.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You'll find delicious sandwiches and wonderful wines here if you're prepared to try something new.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about stopping here during the evening hours.

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When you want a classic style with jazz themes and music, Sei Divino offers an old-school throwback with delicious wines and cocktails unlike any other in the city. With plenty of different options and welcoming d├ęcor, you will feel like spending your whole night in this little bar. You'll find locally-sourced food from some of the best farms in the surrounding area, and plenty of meats, cheeses, and aperitivo options for you to decide from. Think about stopping here when you want to be transported to a whole new world and simply relax after a long day with a glass of wine in hand.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: When you want a throwback experience, this is your best bet in the city.

Alexa's expert tip: Ask for a cocktail here--they have a great selection.

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The wine is the main feature here at this little spot as a favorite among locals and tourist alike. It's the perfect place for a light lunch and to sit and relax for an hour or two before getting up and going to see the rest of the sights around the city. When you are looking for the best in wines or even prosecco, the staff at Le Volpe e L'Uva can help you choose one that you will remember or want to consider taking home. Along with a fresh selection of cheeses and meats, there is a little something here for everyone, no matter what your tastes might tend to be.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You'll want to sample some of the many wines available here.

Alexa's expert tip: This spot serves some amazing meats and cheese--think about ordering a platter.

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Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina gives the utmost importance to its wines. You won't find a better spot to enjoy the best of the best other than this little wine bar near the Pitti Palace. A knowledgable staff and delicious antipasti options make this spot popular among those located on the Altr'arno side if the river. You'll find any kind of wine that you want, including less-typical wines from the area. Think about trying the meticulously-chosen wine taster along with your choice of libation. You'll find plenty of different kinds and the help you need to choose one that you will remember.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: Feel free to ask the staff here if they have any suggestions for you.

Alexa's expert tip: True wine lovers will love this spot!

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This tiny restaurant located near the Duomo offers big tastes for its small size. As with most wine bars in Italy, not only do you have the chance to sample some of the local wines on display, but you are also offered some amazing antipasti. You'll find delicious pears in season and a wide variety of meats and cheeses available to order. You might also want to think about having dinner here, as well. You'll be able to taste typical Tuscan dishes with innovative ingredients. You'll also find that each dish tends to complement the wine of your choice, so it's a good idea to ask the experts what they would recommend.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You can have an excellent meal and some delicious wines available for a good price.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask about the antipasti here--it's delicious!

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Historical Center

Combining a French flair to the Italian standards, you can find some fantastic food here as well as some of the best in wine. The fusion of styles not only works, but it offers a bit of a twist on some classic Italian recipes--which makes it the perfect stop for when you have been in the area for a while and you want something new. The wine here is a bit expensive, but it is also some of the best you will find within the city center, and the staff knows each bottle extremely well. Make sure to feel free to ask them about any questions you might have regarding your order and what kind of wine you are in the mood for.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You can't beat the class and flair at this staple in the city center.

Alexa's expert tip: See if you can get a table outside--you can enjoy the lovely Tuscan weather and enjoy your drink.

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Not only does Mangiafoco offer some delicious wine options, but you can also find a good meal here for a decent price. The wait staff is friendly and willing to help you make the choices you need in order to have a memorable lunch--this is the best time to go and sample a well-chosen chianti wine hand chosen by the staff here. The best types of wines to try here are definitely the Chianti Classico and the Brunello--both are rich in taste and are the perfect way to kick back and relax after spending so much time sight-seeing and on your feet.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: You'll find awesome food and good wine to keep you happy all night long.

Alexa's expert tip: Red wines are the best at this little bar.

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Dondino's is a newer establishment located just off Piazza Santa Croce and features some wonderful wines from around the area. Not only can you find some local favorites here, but you can try some other kinds available--this spot tries to share some of the new types of wines from the area and import some different kinds. You will want to make sure to ask some of the experts here what they would recommend--they will be willing to give you a good suggestion that is not only affordable, but that you can also enjoy out on the gorgeous piazza with an excellent view of the church.

Recommended for Wine Bars because: Dondine's has a great wine selection and is in a great spot to enjoy your evening.

Alexa's expert tip: You'll want to check out this spot on Fridays and Saturdays when Santa Croce is busy.

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