Devour some Local Recipes at Restaurants in the Altr'arno Neighborhood

Florence is will known throughout Italy as being a spot where you can find some amazing food options, but few know that many of these spots are on the other side of the Arno River. When you want a more local experience, it's worth it to make the extra walk to a place where you know you will be served by a family-comprised staff. 

One family-friendly spot you might want to visit is the popular Trattoria 4 Leoni, offering delicious meals and classic options that will fill you up after a long day of touring the city. It's the perfect combination of fancy dining within a comfortable location.

Serving not only as a wine bar, you can also find some delicious meals at Le Volpi e L'Uva. You'll have some amazing wine options and pasta. When you are looking for a spot that will serve you the traditional Tuscan food you've been expecting, this spot is a good bet. O' Munaciello is also another popular location where you can find a delicious meal. Many of these places are exceptionally busy with locals and tourists, so it's a good idea to call the restaurant well in advance to book a table so you know you will be able to enjoy your meal at your restaurant of choice.


Quattro Leoni is one of the most popular restaurants on the other side of the Arno, and after making a reservation and stepping inside, it's easy to see why. You'll find classic recipes tweaked enough to make you feel like you are getting an entirely new take on some pasta dishes and meat plates. Between the free prosecco at the door and the friendly wait staff, you're sure to have a wonderful time trying out the different options they have here. Make sure to have a table booked--this spot can get busy with both tourists and locals alike, so you might want to think about calling a few days in advance to make sure you will have a table for the evening.

O` Munaciello
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This locally-owned restaurant offers some delicious pizzas and typical Tuscan dishes. It's a popular spot among the locals, so it's a good idea to look into a reservation just in case you can't manage to get in. The staff is incredibly friendly and willing to help you with any questions that you might have. You might want to consider trying the gluten pizza if you have allergies, and the restaurant also features a great bar where you can get some delicious cocktails or other alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal. Take you time and enjoy your food at this always busy spot.

Creativity is the theme at Il Santo Graal, where you can find delicious food and an atmosphere that you won't forget. It's located a ways from the city center, so you might want to think about taking a cab if you are planning on having some delicious dinner and some wine here. You'll find some unique menu items here. When you are looking for some modern inspiration and an homage to the classic Tuscan dishes that you know, this spot offers you a chance to thoroughly enjoy your meal. The staff is as passionate about helping you as they are about the food.


Though you might not want to stop by here if you're interested in a beautifully-decorated interior, you can't get more local than this pizza spot serving up some delicious pies with a variety of toppings. You'll find a delicious crust and a wide selections of toppings available--which can be difficult to find in Italy where simple food is usually the best kind. There are also other menu items beside pizza like salads and some side dishes available so you can choose those options if you aren't feeling like digging into a slice. When you want a classic pizza, this is a good spot to check out as you head to the other side of the Arno.

Located across from the Pitti Palace and offering beautiful views and a "no rush" philosophy, you'll find this is the perfect location to relax after a long day of sightseeing or after an afternoon at the Boboli Gardens. Take your time and enjoy a plate of pasta or enjoy a glass of chianti to help you relax--that's the whole idea behind this spot. You'll want to consider trying some of their new menu items or ask the staff if they have any particular recommendations for you. The interior is thoughtfully decorated, and there are plenty of menu items that will leave you full and happy and ready to take on a new day of sightseeing.

When you are ready to get away from the tourist crowds, this little spot offers a wonderful view and some amazing gelato. It's a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio, and it's amazing how quickly you start to notice the local flavors and sights once you cross the bridge. Lunch is served here for a good price, but you might also want to think about coming here for your morning coffee or evening aperitivo--it functions as a spot for you to enjoy yourself anytime of day. You'll also want to think about grabbing a scoop or two of some of the gelato they offer here--you'll find they have some incredible flavors.

A casual environment with a fun-filled atmosphere, you can find some amazing food options for a great price. You'll find yourself dining with a variety of new people--you'll find locals here as well as tourists who might have had this restaurant recommended to them by a friend in the area. You'll find complimentary aperitivo--it's a great place to bring family or those who might be new to Florence and the Italian lifestyle. However, the best part might be the food offered. You'll find classic dishes served here like pasta and steak fiorentina, so make sure to ask the wait staff what they would recommend.

Offering delicious steak fiorentina, you'll find yourself full after a large meal. It's a typical osteria with plenty of local specials. You'll find giant portions that you can share with the rest of the table and a helpful staff willing to assist you with any questions you might have about the menu. When you are looking for some classic Italian food for a good price, think about coming here for an ambient atmosphere and plenty of wine to go around. Enjoy the outdoor seating and spending some time with family and friends away from the tourist crowd--t's worth the walk over.

Le Volpi e L'Uva

For true wine lovers, Le Voli and e l'Uva offers some delicious choices for you and your party. You should think about having some lunch at this spot--the menu is meant to complement the vast wine selection offered. The place is a hot spot with locals, so you will want to make a reservation well in advance. Make sure to check out the olive crostone, it's a delicious classic that will prepare you for a full meal. For great prices and wine that goes amazingly well with the food offered, you'll have an amazing time at this local favorite just across from the Ponte Vecchio.

This family restaurant is one of the top choices in the Altr'arno to dine with family and friends. You might want to think about making a reservation at this spot located on the other side of the River. You will find a combination of different dishes featuring a Tuscan fare. When you want something that will keep you satisfied for the rest of evening, make sure to order a large portion of their pasta. You'll also love the open windows allowing you to look out onto the Arno River and to enjoy your meal with a fantastic view--make sure to make reservations.


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