Enjoy some of Florence's Best Food at these Delicious Restaurants!

Florence has not had the same reputation for food as Rome and Sicily in the past, but slowly and surely, it is starting to gain its own reputation for offering quality meals for good prices. The city that once was only known for pasta and wine has now started expanding and improving by offering authentic restaurant choices.

One of these is Osteria Santo Spirito, which has taken over the other side of the Arno River and often has a long line waiting outside in order to get in. You'll find some unique takes on some classic Italian dishes. However, they know when to stick to the original recipes in order to satisfy their guests.

Another standard that has been a favorite in the city over the last few years is Osteria de Centopoveri. Tucked away in the city center not far away from the train station, you'll find a wide menu with plenty of specials in order to keep you satisfied.

Osteria Nuvoli
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This is one of Florence's most popular spots for a reason. Between the delicious meals and the welcoming atmosphere, it's the perfect place to bring a date and to enjoy a night just the two of you. It is on par in almost every way: the wine is...  Read More



When you are tired of the typical pasta and pizza options, make sure to think about Fuor d'Aqua. It's one of the nicer restaurants within the city center, and you are sure to find quality fish dishes chosen that day by the chef. Freshness is...  Read More



Located in the quirky and busy piazza of the Santo Spirito church, Osteria Santo Spirito is always open for those who love a quality Tuscan meal for more than a fair price. When you are imagining yourself drinking a glass of wine and enjoying...  Read More

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe
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Located in the fantastic Santa Croce region, you'll find a crowd here of some study abroad students, locals, and a few expats. The recipes are unique but also classic, and you're sure to find something that will whet your appetite after a long...  Read More

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Pizza is an art in Italy, and few locations do it as well as Mastrociliegia located not far from both Santa Croce and the Duomo. Serving up some family recipes that date back decades, make sure to grab a table out in the square where you can...  Read More



On the nights you are considering a more personal night out with friends and family, you might want to call in a reservation at Buca Mario--one of Florence's top spots for date nights and typical cuisine with a bit of a twist. You'll find...  Read More

La Pentola dell'Oro
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When you are looking for a truly unique Florentine experience, this is the place to go. Between the feel inspired by the middle ages and recipes dating back to that time period, you will feel transported back to a time where everything was made...  Read More



Acqua al 2 was so successful in Florence that the owners of the restaurant decided to take it to the States and open up two new options in San Diego and Washington, D.C. Fresh seafood is shipped in daily from the coast to this place near the...  Read More



L'Osteria di Giovanni is almost just as famous for its setting as it is for its food. Tucked underneath the rest of the city, it's easy to feel like you've stepped back to Renaissance times along with the murals on the wall and the gorgeous...  Read More



One of the great benefits of visiting Ostera dei Centopoveri is not only that it is within the city center, but is that you know you are getting an authentic experience for the price. There are a number of restaurants within the city center, but...  Read More


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