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Stop by These Florence Restaurants for a Quality Brunch Unlike Any Other

Florence might not be the place you would expect to find brunch as an option of meals, but more and more restaurants are giving it a try and finding success with tourists that flock to the city. Whether you are planning on sleeping in and want to catch a later plate of food, or you are planning on eating hearty in order to get you through the day, there are several places for you to consider.

You might want to stop by the town favorite: the Diner. Serving up American food, you'll feel like you are back home again as you bite into a delicious burger drenched in all of your favorite condiments. It's perfect for the homesick traveler or those craving some french fries or waffles.

Check out Caffe Paszkowski when you want to try something new. It's a wonderful tribute to the old Italian cafes, and you'll find some delicious pastries, traditional coffee, and wonderful seating so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful view into the Piazza della Repubblica. Also, Moyo is another favorite, offing Florence's favorite breakfast drink and a creation of Ernest Hemingway's: the Bellini. You won't want to leave without sampling this taste of Florence's history.

Historic Center


When most people think about stopping by Il Rifrullo, they think quality aperitivo for a good price. What most don't know is that you can also get some quality brunch on Sunday with plenty of different choices. If you are thinking about...  Read More



Advertised as a place for quality barbecue and hamburgers, Plaz is also one of the best locations to get a delicious brunch meal for a good price. It's a spot where you can hear some awesome live music and enjoy several different kind of options...  Read More



If you are looking to step up the quality of your brunch, L'Incontro at the Hotel Savoy is your best bet. Despite the fancy atmosphere, it's also a great place to bring your children--you can treat yourself while looking out into the glorious...  Read More



If you want more of the typical North American breakfast that you have grown accustomed to, this might be the spot for you. A fun atmosphere and plenty of fabulous menu items including breakfast and soups and salads make this a great location...  Read More



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Advertised as a mozzarella bar, Obica has some wonderful options for breakfast, as well. You'll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of items that will meet your tastes--it's the perfect place to sample some great, typical Italian food...  Read More

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This spot has some of the best baked goods in the city, and you can often smell them from several blocks away as they ready their breakfast meals for the day. If you are in the need for a good cup of jo in the morning, this restaurant just...  Read More

The Diner
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For a truly classic American breakfast, the Diner has some of the best food available for those who might be a little homesick. If you are planning on partaking in pancakes, waffles, or venturing into lunch territory, the Diner has everything...  Read More



Located in the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica, this charming cafe offers a bit of old-style and plenty of wonderful Italian breakfast items to start your day out right. Think about grabbing some coffee at the bar if you are in a hurry, or...  Read More



For those on a budget, the best place to go for a truly unique experience is Ganzo. Part of the Florence culinary program, you will get to experience a whole bunch of new flavors and tastes while new up and coming chefs deliver their best...  Read More


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