Taste the Best of the Best at These Restaurants in Florence

Florence has recently become a small mecca for delicious fine dining restaurants over the past few years. A title once head only by Rome, Florence is now making a name for itself with its welcoming atmosphere and growing number of fine dining establishments.

You might want to think about making a reservation at Taverna del Bronzino, where you can find many excellent wines and a wonderful staff, as well. You'll find that many restaurants in Florence like to stick to the same classic recipes they have been making for years. There's a certain wisdom to their way of thinking--why would you mess with something that still works. At Taverna del Bronzino, you get the best of the classic Italian dishes and some new recipes.

Alle Murate is another local favorite where you can dine with a sense of history. Not only are the meals top-class, but there are still remnants of frescoes on the wall where you can feel like you are back in a Medieval setting. The food is also incredibly indulgent, and you can find more than enough wine options to keep you satisfied throughout the night. Wherever you might choose your fine dining options, know that you will be treated with the utmost care as you enjoy your dinner the Italian way.



This warm, welcoming restaurant offers guests the feeling of a home-cooked meal with all the class of a fine dining experience. You'll be greeted at the door by a wonderful staff willing to talk you through the many specials available and to...  Read More

Airport - Flr


Il Santo Bevitore is located near the church of Santo Spirito and serves up an ever-changing and exciting menu. A favorite local place to go, they pride themselves on a sophisticated Italian menu that you can't help but love. It is also a bit...  Read More



For a little bit of Roman style and just outside the main drag of the city center, La Baraonda is a newer restaurant dedicated to serving their food with a bit of flair. Fish is served here with a variety of different options, and both a full...  Read More



Located on the other side of the Arno, Trattoria 4 Leoni offers visitors to Florence a chance to get away from the bustling city center. You'll find fantastic outdoor dining here with many options for those looking for a quiet break. Classic...  Read More



This cozy, hidden restaurant only a few steps away from the Uffizi offers plenty of different items to taste. You'll find wonderful vegetarian options or local favorites, as well as classic staples. The large menu makes up for the small area of...  Read More

Cibrèo Ristorante
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For an authentic spot where you can find simple dishes, you might want to consider Cibreo-Cibreino. Think about getting a reservation at this local hangout where the food takes center stage and there are plenty of different menu items to keep...  Read More

Historical Center
Alle Murate


A newcomer to the fine dining scene, Alle Murate has made a name for itself by providing beautiful décor and food options that are nearly unrivaled in Florence. You'll want to consider ordering the taster menu--it allows you a full sampling of...  Read More

Historical Center


Presentation is important to most restaurants in Italy, but at Enoteca Pinchiorri, the quality and taste of the food is the most important aspect of your meal. Though a bit on the pricy side, you'll find plenty of menu options to satisfy both...  Read More



Located in the "buca," or cellar, this friendly restaurant tends to attract both the local crowd and those visiting Florence. You'll find classic staples for a more than reasonable price considering the location and the excellent décor you'll...  Read More



In a city where pasta is king and you are expected to order a meat dish, it can be refreshing to head to this spot specializing in fish. Not only will you receive a quality meal where you have some of the best chefs in Florence working on your...  Read More


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