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Best Fine Italian Restaurants in Florence

Enjoy Fine Italian Food at These Restaurants in Florence

Florence has some incredible places to dine. Perhaps one of the best places to sample some five-star options other than Rome, you can find almost all the fine dining restaurants within the city center. You'll find some incredible spots waiting to serve you some delicious food.

Alle Murate has long been a favorite for those flying in from out of town. With beautiful frescoed walls and welcoming staff, it's the perfect location for those who have been sightseeing all day and want to rest in a beautiful atmosphere.

Combining modern decor and a love for food presentation, Ora d'Aria has great options for those who have a particular palate. Their beautiful dishes are unforgettable. Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe is another spot near the Santa Croce region that provides classic recipes and a wonderful environment for a surprisingly affordable price. You can get Tuscan favorites or try something new.


Historical Center

Alle Murate is known most of all for its museum quality walls and its beautiful setting. There are two floors where you can enjoy the frescoes from the 1300s--and the meal tends to match the beauty of the nearby walls. Located right in the city center, it's an easy walk from all the major attractions that you might want to see before a large, delicious meal. The portion sizes are larger than most 5-star restaurants you will find in the city, and you will find a dedicated group of people willing to help you with whatever questions you might have.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: With a beautiful atmosphere and wonderful food, you can't go wrong booking here.

Alexa's expert tip: You'll definitely want a reservation for this hot spot.

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Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee

A short walk away from the Bargello or Santa Croce, Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe is a great place to duck in even if you don't have a reservation. The staff is happy to assist you with any questions you might have the menu and offer some great recommendations if you are unsure about what you would like to order. You should think about ordering any of the pasta dishes, but the pasta served with the "rosa" sauce is to die for. Make sure you save some room for a dessert and think about sharing a bottle of wine--it's a perfect place to bring friends.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: This place has some of the best paste in Florence and a friendly staff ready to serve.

Alexa's expert tip: There is plenty of room, but make sure to show up early so you can have a great seat.

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Cibréo Ristorante
Photo courtesy of Cibreo Ristorante

Originally only a cafe, the Cibero restaurant recently opened with class. This spot gives you a chance to enjoy a quality lunch with all of your Tuscan favorites as well as some new, innovative dishes. One of the best parts and a reason you will want to come back, again and again, is the amazing desserts that they have available. You can't go wrong by heading to this spot or choosing to go to the cafe across the street when you want to have a quick bite and a delicious cup of espresso. Either way, you'll enjoy an afternoon filled with delicious food options.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: You'll find decadent desserts and wonderful pasta dishes for lunch or for dinner.

Alexa's expert tip: Stop by here for lunch--the prices are a little lower and you have more time to stay and relax.

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This spot in the Santo Spirito area offers not only a well-cooked meal and a homey environment, but it also brings a bit of class and beautiful presentation. It's a bit of a walk from the city center, but it's also the perfect way to walk off a full stomach after a large meal. The staff is accommodating to visitors and they are happy to help you with any questions you might have about the menu. If it is too busy during the evenings (a reservation is almost always needed), think about heading to this spot for lunch--it's the same menu and much less crowded.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: For a wonderful menu and for a reasonable price, this spot is famous for providing a quality meal.

Alexa's expert tip: Try some antipasti--you get large portions and you can taste many different dishes.

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A favorite spot for locals, Trattoria da Tito has been around since 1913 and has been a spot to find some of the best paste in the Tuscan area since. They pride themselves on having some of the best meats and cheeses in the city of Florence, and paired with their home-made pasta, you will end up spending the whole night there. This place is a winner of multiple awards, and the chefs have a tried-but-true method of satisfying their customers with some of the perfectly baked pasta dishes. The house wine is also good, so you know you will walk away after having the perfect Tuscan meal after the bill has been paid.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: This restaurant has wonderful pasta dishes unlike any other in Florence.

Alexa's expert tip: They say a reservation is "almost" obligatory--call for one, anyway.

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Ora'Aria has an intimate feel and is one of the best places to thoroughly enjoy a quality meal. The intimate setting provides a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy your meal while getting glimpses of the cooking staff. The service is friendly and happy to make recommendations based on your meal. The presentation is also very important here, and you'll find masterpieces on your plate as delightful as the taste. Booking in advance is essential, as there are only 16 seats in the restaurant and it tends to be popular among locals and tourists. When you want high-quality food and you don't care about the price, this is your stop.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: You'll find unique food items and a staff unlike any other at this spot.

Alexa's expert tip: You'll want to bring a small party to this restaurant. It books up quickly and it's small.

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When you are looking for a fun place to sit down and enjoy a long dinner, this might be the place to do it. Reservations are necessary, so you will want to call earlier that day or even the day before. The gnocchi here is famous, as is the Zuppe di Cozze e Vongole. It's a good date night location or a fun place to introduce children to Italian cuisine. You should also think about ordering some wine by the carafe to save on some money--the house wine is very good and you will get more than purchasing a bottle for the same price.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: With a great atmosphere and so many good options, this might be the most popular restaurant on the Oltr'arno side of town.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about getting half-sized portions (ridotto)--they're still huge!

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Historical Center

This five-star restaurant is famous for two things: its incredible food and amazing staff. It is considered a very "adult" restaurant, meaning you won't find meals that the kids will love. However, you'll find delicious items that you will continue to talk about for months after. The service is one of the major benefits of journeying to this spot only two blocks away from Michelangelo's family home. They are happy to assist you with whatever you need and help you when you are having trouble deciding what menu item would be best for you and for the evening so you have something to talk about long after you return home.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: This restaurant combines comfort with quality food and a fun environment.

Alexa's expert tip: Call beforehand and see if you can get a table out on the patio.

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Taverna del Bronzino has made a name for itself by being one of the most interesting and delicious spots to sit and enjoy a meal. Serving up a surprising and varied selection of fish dishes, your mouth will water and you'll leave perfectly satisfied. After an overhaul of staff and the introduction of a new chef, this restaurant has made some positive changes over the past few years to cater to a new demographic of diner. What has resulted is a memorable meal unlike any other in the city and a wonderful environment where you can sit back and relax the right away.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: This restaurant has some amazing fish dishes to complement your pasta.

Alexa's expert tip: You'll want to make reservations far in advance.

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La Pentola dell'Oro
Photo courtesy of Alex Schnee

Serving up some of the most unique dishes in Florence, this place has a great staff with amazing seating in the cantina. Make sure to order some wine off their vast list and think about taking a bottle of the house wine with you. This place is unlike any other, offering options made from recipes dating back to the Middle Ages and the surrounding monasteries. Their rabbit special melts in your mouth, and their various pasta dishes always have a bit of a twist to them so you are sure to come back again and again. It's the perfect place for a night out as a couple or for a celebration.

Recommended for Fine Italian because: When you want something different from the typical Italian cuisine, this is the place to go.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to order one of the specials--they're always made using unique ingredients.

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