Sample the Best in Italian Food at Florence's Best Restaurants

Florence is one of the best places to taste many varieties of Italian food. With a combination of flavors from spots like Rome, Sicily, and Naples, there is something for everyone who wants to try some delicious dishes. Pizza, pasta, and more are available from a number of different restaurants, but finding the right ones is the real challenge.

Those looking to enjoy some classic Italian food should head over to Borgo Antico where they can sit outside and enjoy the view of the stunningly quirky Santo Spirito church. Sit out underneath the heaters and enjoy the view and order a pizza with delicious cheese and toppings on it.

Buca Mario also has some incredible meals for a reasonable price. You can't help but feel like an Italian at this spot. Between the helpful staff and the house wine, you'll feel like you got the whole experience of eating out in a city that has it all. Osteria Belle Donne also has some amazing options for those who love to eat.


Yellow Bar
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It's become a favorite location among expats and some of the locals because it is easy to find and it offers everything you could ever want from an Italian menu. Pizzas, pastas, and red wine abound. It's an easy way to try out some of the more...  Read More

For a local atmosphere and some delicious pasta, the Borgo Antico is one of the best places to taste some of Italy's favorite deals. There's a beautiful view from the outdoor seating of the Santo Spirito church. The staff is incredibly helpful...  Read More

Historical Center

When you want to find a night out with some people you love, the Entoteca Pinchiorri offers a chance to sit and enjoy a beautiful view along with some delicious foods. One of Florence's favorite restaurants, you'll find both locals and tourists...  Read More

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe
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Centrally located and one of the best spots to find quality pasta, the extensive menu is reason enough to journey to the Santa Croce area and to try out this spot. Using authentic recipes and offering the typical sit-down Italian dinner...  Read More

Trattoria da Giorgio
Photo courtesy of Trattoria da Giorgio

If you are on a budget, you don't need to fret about finding a place that would work for you. Trattoria da Giorgio might not look like much from the exterior, but once you sit down you are treated to some of the cheapest and most authentic food...  Read More

Il Latini offers some incredible dishes for those looking to have some delicious night trying Tuscan foods. Where this restaurant really shines through is the pasta and the steak fiorentina. It's an incredibly busy restaurant, so it's a good...  Read More

Another surprising gem located in the city center, Buca Mario's location in a basement is the very definition of finer Italian dining--nothing is quite what it seems! It's a little bit pricier, but the location and the quality of the meal that...  Read More

Osteria Belle Donne
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Osteria Belle Donne is known for its quiet and intimate setting--it's the perfect spot for couples looking to get away and have a romantic location. Between the delicious pasta dishes and steak fiorentina to the delicious chianti available, you...  Read More

Le Antiche Carrozze
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Located along one of the most expensive streets in Florence, Via de' Tornabuoni, the prices at Le Antiche Carrozze are surprisingly more than fair. Not only will you find great dishes, but the wait staff is wonderful. They are more than happy to...  Read More

Finding a spot that feels like a traditional ristorante in Florence can take some work since newer restaurants are trying their best to appeal to a modern, younger crowd. Not so at Osteria dei Centopoveri located only about five minutes from the...  Read More


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