Stop by These Lunch Spots in Florence for a Delicious meal

Choosing a spot to have lunch in Florence is one of the one of the most difficult parts about putting together your vacation. The good thing is that you don't need to worry about finding a place where you can sit down and have a memorable meal with the ones you love.

Make sure to visit Trattoria Mario when you want to try some classic lunch dishes like steak fiorentina for a good price. It's a popular spot so you'll want to make sure you arrive early so you can get a table.

For sandwiches, you can try a whole bunch of different spots in the city center. Salumeria Verdi is famous for its delicious recipes and welcoming atmosphere. It's hidden away, so you'll want to ask a local if he or she knows of the best way to get there. For pizza, Gusta Pizza is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. 

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Though advertised as a pizzeria, where this place really shines through is its calzones and antipasti. It's a family-owned restaurant that has been passed down, so some of the recipes are the same ones that have been used for decades. You must...  Read More



If you are planning on a great sit-down lunch, be prepared to sit and enjoy Trattoria Mario. It's the perfect amount of local flair and tourist favorites. You'll find any kind of pasta that you could ever want and a divine wine list to go with...  Read More



Da Nerbone has long since held a place within the Mercato Centrale, and its design and menu have no changed much since it was first constructed. It has some amazing sandwiches available for some reasonable prices. These usually include family...  Read More



In connection with the Gusta Panino and Gusta Osteria establishments, Gusta Pizza is probably the most popular place to get a pizza with the Neapolitan flavor. The crust is a perfect combination of doughy but not too much, and the standard menu...  Read More

Antico Noe
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Tucked in the area behind Santa Croce, Antico Noe is a popular place for expats and study abroad students. Though it has limited outdoor seating, it's easy to grab your panino and head back out on the streets and see the sights. Boasting an...  Read More



Finding local eats for a good price can take some time and some research, but not when you head on over to the other side of the Arno River and to Trattoria Sabatino. It's a family-run restaurant guaranteeing that you will leave full and...  Read More

All'Antico Vinaio
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One of the best places to find a sandwich near both the Duomo and the Santa Croce region, you will find it highly-populated at all times. No reason to show up early or late for lunch hour, you'll find a crowd of tourists and locals outside...  Read More

Salumeria Verdi
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Also known as "Pino's Sandwiches," this place has gained appreciation from the vast variety of residents in Florence. Not only does Pino make sure that all the ingredients you might want to put on your sandwich are made in-house, but he greets...  Read More



This restaurant doesn't get any more family oriented than this spot. When you would like some classic dishes for a good price, you should think about arriving early so you can get a seat with all of your family. You'll find some delicious takes...  Read More

Le Antiche Carrozze
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This spot might seem out of place amidst all the shopping and expensive places to grab drinks, but Le Antiche Carrozze is a great place for a midday meal when you want reasonably-priced food. They have a delicious house wine and plenty of pasta...  Read More


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