Florence has Delicious Pizza Places for Hungry Visitors

If visitors try one Italian food while they are in Florence, it should be pizza. Because it is in the center of the country, you will find many different styles and choices, including recipes from Rome, Sicily, and Tuscany. Wherever you go, you'll find special pies at each restaurant, and everyone has their own idea of what makes a quality pizza.

For a new take on an old classic, foodies should head to La Divina Pizza. Inspired both old and new recipes, it offers some delicious options for those looking to try a bit of Sicilian influence. Between the thick crust typical of pizzas from Palermo and the fresh topics favored by the Tuscans, the pizza here truly is divine.

Gusta Pizza is well-known throughout Florence for its Neapolitan flair and delicious foods. A popular spot for study abroad students, it has redefined the idea that pizza in Naples cannot be popular in Florence. For those who want more of a self-serving atmosphere, La Bussola offers guests a chance to choose their own options.

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Who said pizza had to just be shaped as a pie? Mastrociliegia has a large menu with wonderful vegetarian options and recipes handed down from older family members. Guests should think about choosing one of the many different kinds of calzones...  Read More

Pizzeria Pipistrello
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Near the Altr'arno neighborhood, Pizzeria Pipistrello is a well-kept secret among locals serving up delicious pizza with incredibly fresh ingredients. It's also one of the few restaurants in Florence that will allow you to ask for your own...  Read More

Campo di Marte
Pizza Man
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Don't be deceived by the name or its Americanized feel--Pizza Man has some great pies and is one of the most convenient businesses in the city. Having several locations makes it easy to find a place to grab a slice or an entire pie to share with...  Read More



Finding a good pizza place close to the Duomo is a challenge, but Pizzeria Toto is the perfect spot to grab a pizza by the slice and head out on your way again. They have a wonderful, friendly staff and some great food options, so you feel like...  Read More



This pizza-only establishment is a self-service environment. If you are okay with the fact that you'll be going through a line and picking out what you want, you'll be rewarded with a fantastic meal that is perfect for those who need a hearty...  Read More

Yellow Bar
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With a large pizza menu, you can order something that will feed the whole family. The large bench seating and tables make it easy to bring a group in, so you don't have to worry about knowing whether or not you all fit. Not only is their pizza a...  Read More

Historical Center
II Pizzaiuolo
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When you want a giant pie of Neapolitan pizza and you want to know that you will get some of the most delicious, well-baked dough in the city, Il Pizzaiuolo is your best bet. Not only do they offer a fun atmosphere for you and a few friends...  Read More

La Bussola
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La Bussola's famous pizza bar is one of the best ideas in Florence for combining multiple different toppings with several types of crust. While you can order some other types of food, the pizzas and calzones are what this place is really known...  Read More



When you want to try something a little different from your typical Florentine pizza, La Divina Pizza has some options for you that will fill you up and make it easy for you to get through to dinner. This spot has Sicilian classics and some pies...  Read More



Florentine pizza is not considered to be the same quality as Neapolitan or Roman, but Gusta Pizza does a great job of recreating some of those fantastic recipes. Pizza is a priority here, and you won't find a lot of choices--but the ones that...  Read More


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