Make Reservations for a Romantic Night in Florence

You'll find a wide variety of romantic restaurants in Florence. Most are amazing and offer a special meal for your loved one. In fact, the hardest part is choosing where you might want to take your significant other. If you are planning on going out for a special meal, make sure to book a reservation a few days in advance so you know you will have a table waiting for you.

Acqua al 2 has some delicious seafood options and is located in the heart of the city center, making it an easy walk to and from your hotel. When you are tired of your typical pizza and pasta options, this can be a great spot to try something new.

For delightful decor, there is no better place to take your date than Alle Murate. Between the white table cloths and the beautiful Medieval murals, this is one of the best places to impress someone special.


Historical Center
Alle Murate

Alle Murate is famous in Florence for its decor and wonderful dishes. If you plan on going all out and want to make this a truly special evening for your loved one, this is the place to go. you'll find an excellent staff striving to make this night as memorable as you are. When you want some classic Italian staples with a modern, presentable twist, this can be the best place to impress your significant other. Make sure you call ahead of time so you can get some reservations and a table for the two of you to sit back, enjoy a glass of wine, and an amazing meal.

A bit on the expensive side, but it's well worth it for the quality of meal that you receive. This is the place to tame someone you really want to impress--the meat and wine choices are more than enough to satisfy any picky eater. A reservation is mandatory for this location, but despite the expense and the seemingly exclusive feel, the staff is friendly and happy to help you choose the perfect meal no matter what your hesitations might be. It's also one of the best places in the city to try out a variety of wines, they have plenty no matter what your taste is.

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This family-run restaurant takes pride in its recipes and large portions meant for two to share. Be sure to ask about any specials they might have available--there's always something new coming out of their grandmother's cookbook. It's also one of the best places in the city to sit down and have a meal at with people you love and care about. Think about ordering some of the pizza and pasta to share. Their portions are huge and can be a lot to handle if you don't have some others to help you. They also have a delicious house wine you will want to try with any of their pastas.


Steak Fiorentina reigns supreme at this local favorite. The atmosphere is slightly casual, so don't feel you need to dress to impress anyone--if you are looking for a spot where the interior is relaxed and you can enjoy a great meal together, this is the spot for you and your loved one. When you've had a long day and you simply want to enjoy each other's company and spending the night enjoying a local, fantastic meal, Cinghiale Bianco can make sure you sit back, relax, and enjoy your perfectly-cooked steak with someone you care about after a long day of seeing Florence's sights.

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Combining a beautiful interior, white tablecloths, and surprisingly affordable prices, this is the place to come when home-style, typical Tuscan dishes sound wonderful. Offering both a hearty meal and an interior meant to impress, it's easy to feel surprisingly comfortable here--the perfect spot to take someone you've just met or a new relationship on a first holiday. They serve excellent pizzas and meat options here, so if you're sick of pasta you will have plenty of other dishes to choose from. They also have some great dishes to split too if you want to try a few different things rather than just one.

Osteria Santo Spirito

If you are planning on impressing your date with a fun time and great, classic Italian food, then Osteria Santo Spirito can be the perfect way to make an ordinary evening special. It is an extremely popular spot, so you will want to take the time and call in a reservation so you know that you will have a table. Whether you want to simply snack on some of the aperitivo or you want to delve into a large meal for a good price, this can be the ideal location to get a table out in the open and to share a carafe of wine together.

When you are thinking about some quality seafood, Fuor D'Acqua is a good spot for you to find it fresh and cooked well. Florence is a bit inland, but the restaurateurs import fresh fish from the coast every day, so you know that the meal you is the best you can find in the city. Striking a balance between class and comfort, it's a great spot to introduce your date to some of the seafood popular in Italy. They also have a great selection of white wines--something you might have a hard time finding in Tuscany but that you definitely want to pair with your fish.

Historical Center

If wine is your main objective on this date night, you can't go wrong with the expertise and meals at Enoteca Pinchiorri. Each item on the menu is given full attention, and their expert chefs are wonderful at crafting a night that you won't forget. With the staff's expertise in wine, you'll impress your date by taking him or her to this establishment, where only the freshest ingredients are used. You won't find giant pizza pies here, but you will find a classy environment to take someone you care about and to enjoy some of the best wines in the city.

When most people think of eating in Florence, the first thing they usually think of is pizza and pasta. However, few know that there are some excellent seafood restaurants around that you also might want to try when you want to impress a date. You can order practically anything for a great price, and the seafood brought in every day is incredibly fresh. Aqua al 2 has been so successful in Florence that it has opened up restaurants in the States, and for good reason. You'll find it's the perfect place to get to know someone while trying something a little different than typical Tuscan fare.

If your hotel is in the city center and you want to make sure that you don't have very far to walk, Buca Mario is a good bet. Offering a spot to get away from the tourist crowds in the main part of the city, you'll find a staff willing to help you choose from their classically Tuscan menu. The fact that it is slightly hidden away from the rest of the popular tourist options make Buca Mario an excellent location to take someone you love and enjoy your time away from other visitors to the city. Because it is a famous spot among locals, however, you'll want to make reservations.


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