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Visit the Altr'Arno Neighborhood for Local Shopping Spots

Florence is home to many local shops and spots that you will want to visit when you are looking for handcrafted products. From ceramics to paintings to clothing, there's a little something here for everyone. All you need to do is take the time to wander the streets and find them.

You might want to visit And Company, a shop where you can find some amazing local products with a style all its own. Whether you are looking for a small gift or a way to treat yourself, this can be one of the best ways for you to find what exactly you're searching for. Most of the items here have been handcrafted by local artisans--this shop is into supporting the neighborhood and all it has to offer guests to Florence.

If food is more your style, then you will want to visit Dalle Nostre Mani, where you can find some delicious pastas and food items to keep reminding you of your Florence trip long after you've returned home. When you want some tea to keep you warm during the colder weather, Oronero offers some delicious choices that you can sample and sip on before you purchase. You'll find some unique brews worth savoring.


As one of the art capitals of the world, it is no surprise that Florence would continue to inspire a new generation of artists. You can find some of this amazing talent at Tabesce, where handblown glass and accessories are made by two local, female artists. You can also find items for your home for a more than reasonable price. When you are looking for something truly special to commemorate your Florence experience, they have some excellent earrings available for you to try on and decide if you like them. Feel free to ask about the contemporary art scene here--these girls know what they are doing.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: When you are looking for unique, locally made accessories, this is the place to go.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to try the jewelry on before you buy!

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No outfit is complete without accessories, and L'Abito Che...Vorrei offers some amazing choices for you when you want to bring them home to be admired. Their comprehensive collections feature a little something for everyone, so no matter what your style is, you're sure to find something that you like and that you will wear again and again. The store is a bit of a walk from the city center, but it's worth taking a stroll in order to find some items that you know you continue to wear. You can also take a look online to see what's available for you before you get there.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: This typical boutique has both classy and unique styles to check out.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask the staff about some of the new collections they have out.

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For handmade clothing and bags near the Pitti Palace, you can't beat Giulia Materia and her incredible designs. You'll find items that you will be proud to take home--all within the local shopping district nearby. When you are planning on finding a store that caters to finding unique items for a good price, you'll want to duck into this tiny store where you can find some items that you will want to wear for years. Take your time and peruse and don't forget to ask about how each piece was made and the special history that often comes with it.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: You'll find quirky bags, gift ideas, and accessories at this spot.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about bringing your teenagers here--they'll love the different styles.

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Beautiful stationary and hand-painted crafts are available at this hidden gem in the Altr'Arno neighborhood. Featuring designs and artwork by fellow artisan Stefano Rammuno, you can find the perfect way to wish someone congratulations or thanks with one of the cards that they offer. When you want to find items that will brighten someone's day then you should consider stopping by the shop for some personal, unique cards and stationary. You might even want to send one home from your Florence residence so your friends and family can appreciate the design as much as you do--the prices are also more than reasonable.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: When you want a unique card to send back to friends and family, this is the spot to get it from.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask about the cards featuring Stefano Rumanno.

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Nothing is more European than sitting down for a cup of tea, and the staff at Oronero is happy to help you find the right brew for you. You'll find all sorts of accessories in order to make your afternoon tea an experience, including crumpets and other treats, and mugs and ceramics you can enjoy your tea from. You are often afforded the chance to try some of their treats and snacks before you consider buying them. You feel like you are stepping into your favorite tea or coffeeshop when you head over to Ornonero--it's also the perfect place to find gifts for the tea-lover in your life.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: Stop here when you are looking for a unique brew or gift for a tea lover.

Alexa's expert tip: Don't forget to sample some of the teas they have available.

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For a fun feel and a good time, think about heading to Anita Russo Ceramics where you can purchase some handcrafted items or ship them home. You'll find a style unlike any other in the city, and plenty of different options that you might want to consider as gifts for friends and family. Make sure to talk to Anita herself in order to get a fresh perspective on the ceramics business and each item that she has made--an incredible amount of time and effort goes into each work, and she is happy to tell you about her process making such unique works.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: You'll find designs based on classic styles with a new twist.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about throwing around some of your own pottery.

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Combining classic Italian style and a full, relaxed atmosphere, the clothing items you will find at Maria Pace are unique and classy. Standing apart from the many clothing stores in Florence, you'll find items here that you can wear anywhere in the world�don't feel like just because you bought it in Italy it won't be wearable back home. Inside the store is a homey environment with a staff passionate about clothing and making you look your best. Take your time and peruse before heading over the the nearby Pitti Palace for an afternoon of history while wearing your new jacket or sweater.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: You'll find unique clothing items here and a caring staff willing to help you.

Alexa's expert tip: Consider shopping here in the fall and winter--the best items are suited for that weather.

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Florence has plenty of art galleries throughout the city, and you might not think to walk across to the other side of the River to see some unique, individual works. However, Stefano Ramunno offers a perspective into life in Florence that very few people get to see. You might want to stop by and see if there is a specific piece that speaks to you. Using pastels, Ramunno has a child-like view of the city, and you'll find works featuring different attractions and famous spots throughout Florence. If you love the city and want to bring a part of it home, this is the gallery for you.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: This gallery is wonderful when you are looking for a different view of Florence.

Alexa's expert tip: Feel free to ask Stefano any questions you might have about his art.

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What is the reason to travel to Italy if you don't have pasta? Dalle Nostre Mani offers some delicious food options for excellent prices. Not only will you find multiple types of pasta available for you to take to friends or back to your own kitchen, but there are also many other types of food that you might want to consider purchases. It's one of the best places for foodies to gather the ingredients they need in order to make some delicious dishes at home. Also think about trying some of the amazing meats and cheeses here even if you can't bring them back home with you.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: You can find pasta and food items that will keep reminding you of Italy long after you've returned.

Alexa's expert tip: This shop has some wonderful gift ideas for food lovers--make sure to ask what is easy to bring home.

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And Company is a creative shop with plenty of gift ideas for you to take home to your family and friends. You'll find handmade mugs and other items that are perfect for stocking stuffers for your Italian-phile friends. Using the art of calligraphy and crafting, each piece is unique and meant to mean something special to the person you are giving your gift to. You might want to consider talking to the staff about which gifts they would recommend. If you want an item that you know has been made with love and care, think about stopping by here for the perfect little souvenir.

Recommended for Altr'arno's Best Shopping because: You'll find handcrafted mugs and knick-knacks worth taking home with you here.

Alexa's expert tip: Look for Christmas gifts at this little shop.

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