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Take an Afternoon and Shop in Florence


Formerly the shopping capital of Italy, Florence has quietly been subdued by some of the bigger cities. However, you won’t find some of the same kind of items in Milan or Rome. Florence remains the best place to find hand-carved works and dried spices to take home with you.


It would be a shame not to discover some of the leather clothing Florence has been famous for centuries. Misuri offers beautiful leather for reasonable prices while still maintaining an emphasis on classic styles and the art of leather-making. You won’t find better experts to assist you with finding the right purse or jacket for you.


You’ll also want to visit Gucci, even if it is just for its historical significance in the city. Gucci carries some of the most beautiful clothing in Florence and tries to keep its Florence location alive. You can also visit the Gucci Museum if you’re a fashion lover and want a break from perusing the many shops. Most of all, you’ll want to see the Mercato Nuovo for bargains and a little bit of Florentine history–this market has been around since the Renaissance when Florence was known for providing the best leather goods in Europe.



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Mercato Nuovo
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Perhaps one of Florence's most iconic and oldest shopping places, the Mercato Nuovo has plenty for leather lovers and those looking to purchase some souvenirs for friends and family back home. You'll find rows and rows of purses and leather...  Read More

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When you are looking for the perfect example of Florentine leather, you should make sure to peruse Misuri. The company has been around since the early 1900s, and some of the styles available are a combination of classics with a modern edge....  Read More

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