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Best Christmas Shopping in Florence

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done in Florence This Year

Florence has some amazing shops within the city that will cover all of your Christmas shopping. It's an incredibly magical time to be in Italy, and Florence has some of the best shops and markets in the country. With so many choices, the hardest part will be picking which places to go in order to find what you are looking for.

Madova is one of Florence's most legendary shops. Selling only gloves (but a huge variety of them), you can find something small but meaningful here. Following traditional workmanship standards, Madova remains a staple of Christmas shopping for both locals and expats looking to find something truly Florentine. It also has some of the highest-quality leather in the city.

You might also want to consider heading over to the Mercato Centrale where you can try out some of the local foods available. You'll find everything from dried fruit to delicious wines from the local cellars in the area. For some sweets, Vestri has everything you could ever want. Think about trying some of their amazing hot chocolate or pick up a chocolate bar or two to put in some stockings.

No matter what you plan on purchasing this Christmas season, you're sure to find it in Florence.


As a part of Florence's city center since 1867, the Mercato Centrale continues to modernize and offer new products year after year. It's the perfect spot to look for some wine or some food for your friends and family who love food. You can also find different items like olives and dried fruit on sale, so you know you are sure to find something special. Most of the food here is brought in from local farms and businesses, so what you end up getting is often the best of the best and remarkably fresh. Be sure to sample some of the food out to taste.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: You'll find some amazing foodstuff and delicious wines with a local feel.

Alexa's expert tip: Feel free to ask any questions about the products available.

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As one of the largest names in the fashion world, Versace encapsulates an Italian style that you will want to bring home to your friends a family. Versace features a lot of color and elegant lines--it's a tribute to Italy and its place in the fashion world. When you buy an item from Versace, you will be purchasing quality pieces that will make dreams come true. The Florence shop has plenty of items and a large showroom so you are sure to find the accessories or the clothing piece that you need. Feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Versace has been providing Florentines classic, elegant style for decades.

Alexa's expert tip: Stop by the nearby church of Santa Trinita after your shopping experience--it's beautiful!

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Christmas baskets have been a staple for gift-givers the world over, but Borgo de Medici does a wonderful job of creating unique baskets that you will want to share with some special people in your life--they're the perfect holiday gift. Located a few miles away from Florence in the small town of Prato, you can find the perfect gift basket to send back to friends and family in the States. If you want locally-made wine and produce, you should think about taking the train to Prato and seeing whether or not you can find something that you have been looking for.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: The best place for Christmas baskets and some delicious Tuscan wine.

Alexa's expert tip: The perfect gift for grandparents or parents can be found here.

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Offering some beautiful knick-knacks and treats, you can find not only plenty of small gifts but also street food and some delicious hot beverages available. Taking place in Piazza Santa Croce every year, you should arrive early in the morning in order to get some of the best items for the price you want. Feel free to barter and see if you can get a deal on some of the items you most want to take home to your family and friends. You'll be glad that you stopped by when you are in the Christmas mood--it's one of the best places to find stocking stuffers.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: You'll find wonderful little knick-knacks at this market in the city center.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to try some of the hot beverages they have here.

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When you are looking for some special gifts that will appeal to several family members and friends, Alessandro Dari has some truly unique items that are perfect for your Christmas shopping list. The shop always has new items throughout the year, so it's worth it to stop in on several occasions when you are looking for something special. Take your time and peruse the collection--the staff knows all about every item and the process of making it. Whatever you choose, you know you will end up with an item that has a unique background behind it and that it will be unlike anything else you can find.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: You'll find incredibly unique gifts at this shop near San Niccolo.

Alexa's expert tip: Check out the shop after Christmas to see which goodies were left behind.

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What would the Christmas season be without some wonderful chocolates? Florence has a few places where you can satiate your sweet tooth, but perhaps the most famous and most delicious is the Vestri chocolate shop located in the city center. It's a famous spot for both the locals and for tourists and expats. Serving up some delicious chocolate recipes that are based on traditional recipes. They also offer up some newer concoctions that will make your mouth water. A chocolate bar or two is also a thoughtful gift to bring back to the people who you know love to munch on something sweet.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Vestri has wonderful chocolates and treats for the holiday season.

Alexa's expert tip: Pick out a bar or two for a tasty treat on Christmas day.

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Clet has been a household name throughout the city of Florence mostly because of his street art that has cropped up around the city of Florence. If you have see traffic signs altered with figures, you know it has been touched by Clet or someone who has purchased his designs. Not only does he offer some of these for sale so you too can make a statement, but you can also purchase some of his exclusive prints. This is the perfect gift for the art lover in your life--it's something truly unique that they won't be able to get anywhere else.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: The artist Clet has been a Florentine staple for years and you can buy his prints at his studio.

Alexa's expert tip: This is a great spot to pick up a gift for the kids.

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Officina Profumo Farmaceutica has become a name throughout Europe for its fine perfumes and other remedies. The interior brings you back to the days when a pharmacy was everything in Florence--you could buy fine goods there as well as gifts for those back home or a treat for yourself. The Officina Profumo is most famous for some of its traditional perfumes, and you won't find a place that smells better anywhere else in Florence. One of their perfumes makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the Christmas holiday, and also you are likely to find soaps and other sweet-smelling gifts there if you don't have a perfume lover that you know.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: This chain offers a beautiful setting and some wonderful gift ideas for loved ones.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about purchasing some of their world-famous rose water.

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When you are looking for a memorable gift and you are willing to pay the price for it, you should think about heading over to Prada where you can get an awesome bag or scarf. If you need to shop for the lovely lady in your life, this can be one of the best places to visit for when you want to find a gift worthy of the person you love. You will also find an amazing staff willing to help you with your purchases so you can find just the right Christmas gifts for the person you love and care about.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: You'll find truly magical gifts here that your friends and family will never forget.

Alexa's expert tip: Check out the warehouse away from the city center.

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A city devoted to leather, Madova is one of the best places for you to stop and enjoy the many different items available. When you are searching for the perfect pair of gloves or some cashmere items, look no farther than this little store located near the Ponte Vecchio. The items they have available here are perfect for friends and family--they're a part of Florence that you will want to bring home with you and share with those you love. Whether you are looking for a unique pair of gloves or other accessories you can wear in the cold, this is the place to go.

Recommended for Christmas Shopping because: Madova has been a part of Florence's history for decades, and the quality is still amazing.

Alexa's expert tip: Discounts abound in January, so think about stopping here after the Christmas season for a treat for yourself.

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