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Best Shopping in Downtown Florence

Enjoy Excellent Shopping in the Downtown Area of Florence

Florence is well-known as the former fashion capital of Italy. With so many stores available, it can be difficult to choose which ones to stop by. You'll want to take a stroll down Via de' Tornabuoni--Florence's fashion central and home of name-brand shops.

When you are looking for class but also something fun, Dolce and Gabbana offers a wonderful shopping experience. You can't go wrong by choosing some of their innovative and interesting items. After shopping there, you are sure to get multiple compliments on your pieces. They also have a wide variety, making it easy to find something perfect for you.

It would't be a shopping trip in Florence without stopping by Gucci. Florence is home to the famous designer, and once you are done shopping you'll want to head over to the museum where you can see how the items you purchased are made. Finally, to round out your shopping trip, make a stop at Prada--you'll find wonderful styles unlike any other.


When looking for a bit more of a classic English style. You can find it at Burberry. Between beautiful clothing and gorgeous accessories, you'll be able to enjoy your time at the store and to find everything you need in order to update your wardrobe. Burberry has always exuded elegance, and if you are willing to spend some money you can pick some items that will last you for years to come. Make sure to ask the staff to help you when you want to find something special or you want to have or if you want to find a coat--Burberry has some amazing designs.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: When you want classic style, Burberry is one of your best bets.

Alexa's expert tip: Check out their trench coats--they're famous for them.

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With two stores available in the city center, it's easy to grab your favorites from this iconic name. Taking a Renaissance-style building and converting it into one of the most recognizable fashion names in the world, you can find classic styles and some wonderful accessories that will be the envy of all of your friends. When you want to find something modern and to spend a day enjoying yourself, you can't find a better spot in the city to find clothing that is both fun to wear and stylish. There is a reason Dolce and Gabbana has taken over the fashion world, and you'll find out why when your visit their store.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: Dolce and Gabbana offers great style and fantastic items to wear for many seasons.

Alexa's expert tip: You'll want to check out both stores--they often have different items.

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Offering some of Prada's best-known items, you'll find some brand new styles from the designer as well as old classics. When you are looking for gift ideas or you want to find something truly special for your loved one, Prada makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you would like to purchase a new bag or you would like to try some of their incredible perfumes, the store downtown makes it easy to dress in style and to feel like an Italian as you stay in Florence. Whatever you need, the store offers plenty of options for you and if you want to treat someone you care about.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: Prada is one of the biggest names in fashion, and Florence's store is great to visit.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask if you have any questions about the items--the sales staff is especially helpful.

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One of the newer stores downtown, Dior is one of the best-known stores throughout the world who provides high-quality clothing and style. Whether you are looking for clothing, accessories, cosmetics, or almost anything else that will make you feel great about how you look, you'll often find it at the new store located on Via Tornabuoni. Emitting a classic feel while still remaining wearable for every day. If you are planning on making a one-stop shopping trip, Dior is one of the best palaces that you can visit while you are in Florence. Take your time and enjoy the variety of items available as you shop.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: When you are looking for style and class, Dior has it for you.

Alexa's expert tip: Take your time going through the store--there's lots to see.

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Born in Florence, Roberto Cavalli has become a name synonymous with style and class and has become a world-wide name. What you'll find here are incredibly well-designed sunglasses and accessories--items that you know will be commented on as you wear them out and about. Expanding from basic accessories to fashion, Cavalli's work has been a favorite of celebrities and has often been featured on the red carpet. With stunning options, you can't help but enjoy looking through the store and buying classic items that you will enjoy for years and years. Located right downtown, it's easy to find and the staff makes it easy to shop there.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: A true legend, Roberto Cavalli has changed fashion in Florence and offers great work.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to check out the cafe across the street!

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Exuding Italian style, Armani has been a staple in buying new wardrobes for decades. When you want to find items that will last for years to come, you should think about talking to the sales team--they can help you pick out classic pieces that are sure to be commented on and appreciated. Feel free to peruse the store for the highest quality in fashion and to enjoy an Italian tradition that has become known world-wide. If you are planning on creating a wardrobe to impress, Armani should be one of the first places you choose stop on your shopping trip.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: You'll find classic pieces you can wear again and again here.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask the staff what they would recommend.

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While most of the shops you will find on Via Tornabuoni highlight classic style favorites, Save the Queen offers a fun, boutique experience with quality clothes and a great staff willing to assist you with any of your needs. If you are into having a special time shopping and you want to take the plunge and enjoy some well-crafted clothing. It's a fun break from the other shops you will find downtown and that multiple age groups can enjoy. If you are looking for something a little different and that offers a special chance to see something new, Save the Queen can help you find that perfect item.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: You'll find unique items unlike any other in the city at this shop.

Alexa's expert tip: They have some fun sales throughout the year--make sure to stop by often.

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Celebrating the Florentine tradition of creating quality leather, Fendi has upheld the Italian standard of making leather that both lasts and that looks great. If you are planning on finding new accessories, Fendi is the location to head to for unparalleled quality and expertise. You'll find beautiful purses and a well-versed staff willing to help you find what you need. If you want to find the perfect gift for a loved on, Fendi combines beautiful pieces with functionality and style. No matter what you are looking for, you're sure to find the highest quality items here--you'll want to stop as you tour Via Tornabouni.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: Fendi has classic style and beautiful leather products sure to impress.

Alexa's expert tip: Checking out the online shop is also a good idea once you've gone home.

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Nothing says decadence like Tiffany, and Florence's Tiffany's provides the same care and luxury experience that you would receive in New York and other cities throughout the world. With a fantastic collection based around elegant design and incorporating Italian elements, you should stop here when you want to make sure that the jewelry you are choosing is of the exact taste that you want. You can't go wrong by visiting this spectacular spot for the item you have been looking for. Whether you want to impress someone special or treat them to a brand new item they will enjoy for years, you can do it at Tiffany's.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: The staff is helpful and happy to assist you with any of your jewelry needs.

Alexa's expert tip: Feel free to bring in any Tiffany products you have for a cleaning.

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Synonymous with Italian design and fashion, Gucci delivers some of the most incredible purchases available in the downtown area. Whether you are looking to complete your outfit with accessories or you are simply planning on spending an afternoon there, the dedicated sales staff at Gucci hopes to make your experience worthwhile. You'll find beautiful purses and scarves as well as plenty of clothing items to always satisfy you or your loved one. There is a reason Gucci has become a Florentine icon--both in fashion and in history. If you are more interested in the design aspects of the company, you can also check out the nearby museum for fashion inspiration.

Recommended for Downtown Shopping because: Gucci has some of the best quality items--they are truly Italian.

Alexa's expert tip: Get tickets to the nearby museum for great information about the company.

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