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Check Out the Other Side of the Arno River for Unique Finds

Many visitors to Florence don't think about heading over the bridges crossing the Arno River to the quieter, more local side of town. You won't find many of the big-name shops here, but that's part of the area's charm. However, you will find spots where you can meet local artisans and talk to them about the different items they offer. For a more personal feel, it's worth it to head to the other side and check out the options.

Gallori-Turchi houses some fun and amusing antique items that you might want to consider when you are thinking about buying gifts for friends and family back home. Each piece has a story that you will want to ask about--each are interesting pieces of history worth having in your home.

Prive is the perfect boutique to find well-fitting and beautiful clothing items that you won't find anywhere else. Special care is taken to assure that you enjoy each piece that you buy for a long time. The staff is always willing to help you with any concerns that you might have. Pitti Vintage also has some wonderful, lightly used items that you'll want to consider when you want your style to be as unique as the city you're visiting.



Combining a feeling of old-world chic and mysticism, this shop hidden away features items unlike any other you will find in the city. As a goldsmith sculptor, Dari has created a style all his own that few would be able to copy. A museum as well...  Read More



With so many different leather shops in the city, it can be hard to choose one that you know will serve all your needs. Casini Leather Works offers everything you could ever want from a leather boutique--you'll find excellent purses, leather...  Read More



Interior design has been a staple of Florentine living for centuries--you won't find more elaborate decorations than those at the Pitti Palace. You can bring some of that style back to your own home by visiting Pitti Mosaici. Not only can you...  Read More

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Featuring a wide selection of various antiques, you'll not only find work that should belong on a museum wall, but things that you will also want to bring back and feature in your own home. You'll want to ask the staff if they can offer you the...  Read More



The other side of the Arno River is home to the side of the artisans, where you can check out different shops and find unique pieces to bring back home. One of the highlights of these shops is Authentiqua di Leonardo Cappellini, where you'll...  Read More



Offering not only some the expected products you'll find at a cartoleria like postcards and tobacco products, La Scartoffia also is invested in creating a community. Art classes and plenty of products to fuel your creativity are located here....  Read More



Although it might take a little research to find out when the next market is, you'll find that it includes some incredibly unique items and a wide variety of them. Every few weeks during the summer, locals gather in the Santo Spirito piazza and...  Read More



For unique, antique items unlike any other, you might want to consider peeking into Stefania Masini's shop where you'll find a variety of items suited to your taste. Along with knick-knacks and other small items, you'll find pieces that you will...  Read More



Angela Caputi has made a name for herself creating expressive, colorful jewelry with an Italian flair. You'll find that she offers plenty of options for any jewelry-lover at several different prices so you can choose something that you will love...  Read More

Prive Santo Spirito
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Finding some local shops in the Santo Spirito area can be like finding treasure during a treasure hunt. When you do find a shop worth looking into, it's usually one that you will want to stop by again and again. Prive is an example of this....  Read More


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