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Best Women's Clothing in Florence

Look stylish in Italy's former fashion capital

Florence was once the location of some of the best women's fashion in Italy. Although some of that has changed, you can still find most of the name-brand stores you have come to associate with high-fashion. Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe to look more European.


No visit to Florence would be complete without heading to Gucci and seeing their world-famous museum. Along with touring the halls of the building and seeing the story of its foundation, you are also allowed a glimpse into the way their items are made. Whether you choose to buy something is up to you, but it can be a perfect way to bring Florence back home with you.


If you're thinking about something a little less expensive, Luisaviaroma is the perfect place to find unique items with an Italian twist. It has just the right amount of flavor of high fashion with slightly lower prices.


Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a challenge, but less so when you are in Florence. One place you will definitely want to stop is Aquazzura--a new location that opened up and that houses some of the best shoes in Italy. Harkening back to Florence's old days as a fashion center, Aquazzura has shoes for all occasions, but truly defines style. If you are looking for a specially-designed pair of heels, you should consider stopping by and talking to the sales staff--they are some of the most knowledgeable people in the city and can recommend some classy kicks.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: This newer shop makes shoes available to shoppers like never before.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to check out their locations--there's one in New York!

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Museo Salvatore Ferragamo
Photo courtesy of Ferragamo Shoes

Leather products and items you might need for accessories are located at this high-end shop located right in the heart of Florence's shopping center. You'll find beautiful, hand-crafted accessories you can use for years, and the staff is some of the most helpful in the area. There is also a nearby museum where you can learn about the influence that the Salvatore Ferragamo brand accumulated over the years and the quality and care that they put into their products. The store itself is also large and there is a wide variety, so you will be sure to find anything you need right there.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: You'll find a history of fashion and great finds all in one place.

Alexa's expert tip: Don't forget to check out the nearby museum!

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Offering some of Prada's best-known items, you'll find some brand new styles from the designer as well as old classics. When you are looking for gift ideas or you want to find something truly special for your loved one, Prada makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you would like to purchase a new bag or you would like to try some of their incredible perfumes, the store downtown makes it easy to dress in style and to feel like an Italian as you stay in Florence. Whatever you need, the store offers plenty of options for you and if you want to treat someone you care about.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Another Italian classic, Prada has plenty of options for both men and women.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure to ask if you have any questions about the items--the sales staff is especially helpful.

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Photo courtesy of So Stylish So Sweet

Every now and then, it can feel good to venture outside of the typical clothing you see in the windows in the main shopping district. Luisaviaroma has that high-fashion feel without being too stuffy. You can find clothing here for every event, and the staff is more than happy to help you with your options and to find the right fit for you. You might even want to bring your significant other--there are clothes here for all genders made of some of the finest fabrics in Florence. This store has long held its place as giants have taken over the area.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: You'll find a wide variety of quality clothing that it slightly different from other high-end stores.

Alexa's expert tip: The window displays are worth checking out alone!

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If you are going to purchase anything specific in Florence that will last you years, consider looking into a leather jacket made personally for you by leather maker David Cerasi. Cerasi is well-known for being one of the most prominent names in the leather industry in a city where leather isn't so much a tradition as it is an essence of the city itself. You'll get to talk to the master as he fashions a custom-made jacket or purse to your liking. Stop by his shop located close to the Ponte Vecchio where you not only have a view, but you are also treated to some of the best leather products in the city.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Davide Cerasi has leather jackets that you will wear for years to come.

Alexa's expert tip: You can talk to the expert himself as this little shop.

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Echo Firenze
Photo courtesy of Essedicom

Echo gets you out of the main shopping area and looking at new items that you might not have before. While choosing unique and stylish options. you can find pieces that you might have overlooked at other shops or that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Between its enjoyable interior and the constantly changing array of items, there is reason to come back on a regular basis and to see what has been newly imported. Most of all, the staff is happy to help you find just the right outfit for a night out or whatever special occasion you might have coming up.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Echo has become one of the main spots in town to find unique items.

Alexa's expert tip: Make sure you come each new season--they always have something new.

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Airport - Flr

Versace becomes more and more of a staple in Florence as a place to go when you need a new wardrobe. The clothing is designed with gorgeous details that make it truly rememberable. It's not the cheapest of clothing in the city, so be sure to be prepared of some sticker shock. However, it's a great way to add special items that you might not find anywhere else in the city. Versace is well-known within the city for providing customers with beautiful clothing that is available both on the runway and in the clothing store. For high fashion, Versace is one of your best bets.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Versace is as Italian as it comes--and the clothing here is to die for.

Alexa's expert tip: Think about stopping by here after looking at some of the other stores in the area.

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Dolce & Gabbana has become another well-known name in the fashion industry, and the clothes that you will find here are fit for any fancy event that you might be in Florence for. This is the place for stunning gowns and delicious shoes fit for weddings and cocktail parties. You might not find clothes that will suit you on a daily basis, but it can be the perfect location to have a staff member outfit you with a dress that you can feel proud of. For a night out, Dolce & Gabbana has you covered for entrance to any restaurant in the city.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: This high fashion giant has made itself a favorite in Florence.

Alexa's expert tip: Check out deals in the spring--you'll usually find something on sale.

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For a truly Italian, classy look, you can't go wrong with the Florence location of Giorgio Armani. Finding that classic Italian style is easy when you stop by the Armani shop, where you will find suits and accessories that will not only last you years, but also epitomize the best in the city. You'll want to spend all afternoon finding new items to take home to impress your family. It's also one of the most expensive shops in Florence, so you will want to make sure that you have plenty of money in your back account before you choose to step inside.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Armani is another Italian brand that has become a classic choice for shoppers.

Alexa's expert tip: This is a great place to find wallets you'll use for years.

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Nothing is more Florentine than Gucci, and the city takes to celebrating the fashion company through its delightful store and its wonderful museum. First, take a look at the Gucci story and how it began as a local name. Growing to include stores in all the major fashion centers in the world, Gucci has now become one of the best-known names in the industry. After learning about the Gucci history, you can then head to the store where the legend continues. You'll find beautiful leather products, gorgeous shoes and bags, and plenty of high-class fabrics for those who like to dress the best they can.

Recommended for Women's Clothing because: Gucci is Florence's greatest source of pride in the fashion world.

Alexa's expert tip: Don't forget to check out the famous Gucci museum in the city center near the Palazzo Vecchio.

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