Where to Breakfast in Rome - Italian Style and Not

Italians may not be big breakfast eaters, but that doesn't mean they don't take breakfast seriously. Having a cappuccino or a caffè is essential for Italians in the morning. Without it, they just don't function. To get their caffeine fix in the morning and throughout the day for that matter, many Italians go to a neighborhood bar or a café. Along with their coffee, they'll order a delicious pastry called a cornetto (similar to a croissant - but don't ever call it one!) that typically vary from semplice (plain), integrale (whole wheat with honey inside), cioccolato (chocolate or nutella), crema (cream) and marmellata (jelly). Italians might also order a ciambella (doughnut), ciambellone (a slice of poundcake) or even a macedonia (fruit cup).

Unlike in America, most Italians drink their cappuccino at the bar or they may sit down briefly to enjoy it. Eating breakfast at the bar is an essential part of Italian culture. It's not just the place where you order your coffee and pastry to go. It's the place where, even after a few days of going there, the owners know your name and what you like to order. Let a few more weeks pass by, and they'll know all about your family. your political views and  what soccer team you root for.

Head to one of the Rome's most historic coffee house Tazza d'Oro or opt for a vegetarian weekend brunch at Ketumbar. Baylon in Trastevere is a locals hangout or Bar Amore - as  the name suggests, gives you a whole lot of love with your morning coffee. 10Best gives you the rundown of bars and cafés around Rome to have your Italian breakfast (and a few thrown in for that international or full American breakfast experience which Romans are starting to take a liking to!).



Open daily from 11am to 3am, Ketumbar is located in the working-class foodie neighborhood of Testaccio and is a leader in bio, organic and vegetarian dining. In fact, vegan, gluten-free, and just about any intolerance can be catered for. The...  Read More



If you have a sweet tooth, Cristalli di Zucchero will satisfy your every decadent need and desire. This cute little bakery shop located near the Circus Maximus is tue gem for those who happen to stumble upon it. At this pastry shop, once can...  Read More



Located in the heart of Trastevere, Baylon is super popular with locals and foreigners alike. Its all-day dining format keeps it busy with people working off their free wifi during the day and buzzing with locals having aperitivo or an...  Read More

Cafffè Camerino
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Move over Starbucks, you ain't got nothing on Cafffè Camerino. No, the sign outside their bar isn't a misspelling. It's their motto: "Il caffè con tre effe" which means coffee with three F's. Yes, the coffee here is so good, it actually...  Read More



Not too many bars give off such warmth and a sense of coziness like Caffè Novecento does. When you walk in, there's soft jazz music playing in the background and an array of tantalizing cakes, pies and other sweet treats to greet you as you...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio


This restaurant, bar and cafe has one of the nicest outdoor spaces in Rome. Located in the gentrified Pigneto neighborhood, Necci is best known for being the haunt of poet, writer, director Pier Paolo Pasolini. With several spaces outside, under...  Read More

Caffetteria d'Arte al Chiostro del Bramante
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How many places do you know of where you can sit in a charming Renaissance cloister while sipping on a cappuccino? Not too many, that's for sure. The Choistro del Bramante is a cloister turned venue space for art and photographic exhibitions....  Read More

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Located near the Vatican on the famous shopping street, Via Cola di Rienzo, is a specialty coffee shop called Castroni. The coffee shop first opened in 1932 on Via Cola di Rienzo and later expanded with 6 other locations in the Vatican, Centro...  Read More



This is one of those great neighborhood bars where everyone knows your name and what you order, after only a few times coming here. The bar is family run and has been around since 1946. They make a mean cappuccino and if you like chocolate,...  Read More

Airport - Fco
Tazza d'Oro


This bar is always bustling, no matter what time of the day you go. Tazza d'Oro was established in 1946, is considered to be by many, the best coffee in all of Rome. It's prime location just up the street from the Pantheon makes it a hub for...  Read More


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