Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Rome

Rome's Best Restaurants for When You're Dining with the Kids

Italians love children. But that doesn't mean traveling in Rome with your kids is that easy. There is the tricky challenge of transportation and the difficulty accessing some historical sites with strollers. Other comforts that you are used to at home just might not be available, like booster chairs in restaurants. But that doesn't mean you should be wary about bringing your kids out to eat with you in Rome. Restaurants here are often noisy, busy places where children are very welcome.

When the weather permits, some of the best family friendly restaurants in Rome have an outdoor area where kids can entertain themselves. It's not unusual to go to lunch on a Sunday afternoon and listen to the joyous giggles of kids running around. The Vivi Bistro in Villa Pamphili is the perfect restaurant to go to if you want to lounge around enjoying your food, while your children expend energy on the green grass of one of Rome's biggest parks.

Another quality that makes a good family friendly restaurant in Rome is its food. Italian food is some of the most kid-approved food in the world, revolving as it does around tried and tested pasta and pizza. Each of the restaurants in the list below offer just the kind of kid pleasing dishes that adults will be sure to enjoy too.


Bar Pompi
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For more than 50 years, Bar Pompi gelateria and pasticceria has been a traditional Roman staple when it comes to tiramisu. Albeit, you can probably find good tiramisu around town, but nothing come close to Bar Pompi. This bar is considered the king of all tiramisu and for years Romans would travel half way across the city to get their hands on one of their decadent tiramisu from their flagship store in the San Giovanni district near Piazza Re di Roma at via Albalonga 7b-9-11. Now, locals and tourists have an even closer Bar Pompi at their fingertips with the opening of the pasticceria on Via della Croce 82 near Piazza di Spagna. METRO: Spagna and Via Cassia 8B

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Pompi is a great family friendly sweet option and the tiramisu is fantastic.

Maria's expert tip: Try a variation on the old classic - the strawberry tiramisu here is delicious.

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The motto at Frizzo is, 'Where do you want to go today?'. With an international, but predominantly American style menu, they aim to transport you gastronomically. Super cool for an aperitivo, it is open all day and you order on an ipad! It's one of the latest establishments in Rome to feature the all-day-dining concept which until recently was non-existent. The menu features pizza and pasta but American inspired snacks like the club sandwich, carrot cake in a jar and New York baked cheesecake. Their breakfast dishes like Eggs Benedict are also served all day. METRO: Lepanto. BUS: 87, 23

Recommended for Family Friendly because: You'll find some of the kids favorites at Frizzo like burgers, pizzas and fries.

Maria's expert tip: Try the carrot cake - with delicious cream cheese frosting, it comes served in a jar!

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Jewish Quarter

For many of the guidebooks, da Baffetto pizzeria is one of the best in Rome. Though, the long lines forming outside as early as 5pm can be off-putting for some. Which is why La Montecarlo pizzeria located just around the corner from da Baffetto and Piazza Navona is a pleasant alternative. Montecarlo is run by the daughter of Baffetto and quite frankly, the pizza is just as good, if not better than Baffetto's. Though, it still popular, you won't find any grueling lines forming here. However, you will still find great pizza, generous portions of pasta, home-made Roman desserts and a fun, noisy atmosphere. BUS: 40, 46, 62.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Located in the heart of the historical center, this is a great pizza option for families.

Maria's expert tip: If you don't feel like ordering pizza, Montecarlo also makes a mean bucatini all'amatriciana pasta.

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It's not often you can say you've eaten in an ancient landfill site. Located within Monte Testaccio, this entire hill was created from Romans dumping their amphorae (pots used to store liquids), and the dining room is decorated with these terracotta fragments. Now an institution, their carbonara, amongst other Roman classics, has made it famous amongst gastronomes. Other dishes to try include the cacio e pepe, a pecorino cheese and black pepper speciality and the polpette di bollito (breaded meatballs made with braised meat). The tiramisu is a winner with a secret center surprise. In the summer, book in advance for a table on the romantic patio. METRO: Piramide. BUS: 3, 75

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Taking the kids to eat inside an old Roman dumpsite is pretty unique and a fun story to tell.

Maria's expert tip: Don't leave without trying the take on tiramisu made with none other than Nutella.

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Jewish Quarter

This tasty restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto in the center of Rome is a good place to go with kids. The seating to the side of the restaurant in the narrow road is closed to cars, and so kids can explore here without parents worrying. On top of the extra outside space, the Taverna del Ghetto serves lots of tasty fried foods that are sure to please children, alongside the classic Roman pastas like carbonara and amatriciana. And though it might not be the kids' first choice, adults should try the carciofi giudea, or fried artichokes, that are a specialty of the Jewish quarter of Rome. BUS: 30, 40, 62, 64, 70, 87 TRAM: 8

Recommended for Family Friendly because: In an area closed to traffic, kids can explore the area without parents worrying.

Maria's expert tip: Be sure to try the classic 'carciofi alla giudea' - Jewish style fried artichokes.

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Located in the heart of the working class district of Testaccio, Remo's pizza is pretty hard to top. This pizza place is most famous for its paper thin(literally) pizza. Menus don't exactly exist here, so be prepared to have in mind what kind of toppings you'll pick out for your pizza. A waiter will come around with a scorecard of sorts where you will check off the ingredients for pizza pie and other items to go along with your dinner order. Outdoor tables available, but expect to wait in line for a little if you arrive late. BUS: 170, 30. METRO: Piramide

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Parents come to Rome for the art and history - kids for pizza! And Da Remo serves up some of Rome's best.

Maria's expert tip: Keep it simple. The pizza margherita here is epic.

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This bakery near Campo de' Fiori is a favorite with local kids and adults alike. Its pizza taglio, or pizza by the slice, comes out of the oven piping hot and fresh to keep customers happy. The toppings range from a simple margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella) and rossa (just tomato sauce) to more complicated arrangements like sausage and fiori di zucca. There will be something to please everyone. And if it's something more substantial you're after, then there is a small buffet with local vegetables and sometimes porchetta, or stuffed, roasted pork. Often the small takeaway place gets crowded so ask for your lunch to be wrapped up and take it to nearby Campo or Piazza Farnese where your kids can enjoy eating outside. TRAM: 8 BUS: 30, 40, 62, 64, 70, 87

Recommended for Family Friendly because: One of Rome's best bakeries, Roscioli has treats for the whole family.

Maria's expert tip: Try the pizza rossa - pizza with tomato sauce. It's one of the best in Rome and the kids will love it.

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Pizza is a sure way to keep kids happy. This restaurant in the center of Rome takes pizza one-step further by making it in the shape of a ghost. The name of the restaurant, Acchiappafantasmi, translates to ghost busters and explains the pizza's original shape. For the adults, this restaurant has an extensive menu of Calabrian food, which isn't that easy to find in Rome. Indulge on polpette di melanzane, or eggplant "meat" balls, as well as regional pastas like cavatelli with mussels and beans. Try their Calabrian mixed starter that comes with dried meats, cheese and vegetables with olive oil. (06 687 3462) BUS: 70, 81, 87

Recommended for Family Friendly because: How can the kids not love and have fun at a place called Ghostbusters?

Maria's expert tip: The restaurant is closed on Mondays and bookings are recommended.

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Gianicolo Hill

This restaurant, located in one of Rome's largest parks, is a great place to go with your kids if you are looking to relax while the kids need to run around. Villa Pamphili's grass rolls right up to the outdoor seating area so that your kids have plenty of space to enjoy themselves. Vivi Bistrot also has a kid's menu that includes simple pastas and organic chicken and fries, among other things. Another option is to take one of their picnic boxes for kids and adults into the park. Try Vivi Bistro's American-inspired brunch or an English breakfast that is a tasty alternative to the simple and sweet Italian breakfast. (06 582 7540) TRAM: 8

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Located within the beautiful Villa Pamphili, the kids will have plenty of room to run around.

Maria's expert tip: Check out the brunch and afternoon tea menu for something the kids will love.

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What could make kids happier than a cup or cone of gelato as a snack or after a meal? And some of the best gelato in Rome is found at Fatamorgana. This gelateria specializes in all-natural ingredients to create delicious gelato flavors. It has the classic and kid-friendly flavors like chocolate, strawberry and cream, as well as some more adventurous options for daring kids and adults like basil, walnut and honey and toasted almond. Another plus is that there are several locations around Rome where you can indulge in Fatamorgana's gelato goodness: Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere, Piazza degli Zingari in Monti and Via Laurina, 10 by Via del Corso. BUS: 75 for San Cosimato; 117 for Monti METRO: Cavour for Monti; Flaminio for Via Laurina

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Fatamorgana is a delicious treat for the kids but parents needn't worry as their produce is all natural.

Maria's expert tip: When you go, be sure to ask for whipped cream on top!

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