Rome's Best Restaurants for When You're Dining with the Kids

Italians love children. But that doesn't mean traveling in Rome with your kids is that easy. There is the tricky challenge of transportation and the difficulty accessing some historical sites with strollers. Other comforts that you are used to at home just might not be available, like booster chairs in restaurants. But that doesn't mean you should be wary about bringing your kids out to eat with you in Rome. Restaurants here are often noisy, busy places where children are very welcome.

When the weather permits, some of the best family friendly restaurants in Rome have an outdoor area where kids can entertain themselves. It's not unusual to go to lunch on a Sunday afternoon and listen to the joyous giggles of kids running around. The Vivi Bistro in Villa Pamphili is the perfect restaurant to go to if you want to lounge around enjoying your food, while your children expend energy on the green grass of one of Rome's biggest parks.

Another quality that makes a good family friendly restaurant in Rome is its food. Italian food is some of the most kid-approved food in the world, revolving as it does around tried and tested pasta and pizza. Each of the restaurants in the list below offer just the kind of kid pleasing dishes that adults will be sure to enjoy too.

Bar Pompi
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For more than 50 years, Bar Pompi gelateria and pasticceria has been a traditional Roman staple when it comes to tiramisu. Albeit, you can probably find good tiramisu around town, but nothing come close to Bar Pompi. This bar is considered the...  Read More



The motto at Frizzo is, 'Where do you want to go today?'. With an international, but predominantly American style menu, they aim to transport you gastronomically. Super cool for an aperitivo, it is open all day and you order on an ipad! It's one...  Read More

Jewish Quarter
La Montecarlo


For many of the guidebooks, da Baffetto pizzeria is one of the best in Rome. Though, the long lines forming outside as early as 5pm can be off-putting for some. Which is why La Montecarlo pizzeria located just around the corner from da Baffetto...  Read More



It's not often you can say you've eaten in an ancient landfill site. Located within Monte Testaccio, this entire hill was created from Romans dumping their amphorae (pots used to store liquids), and the dining room is decorated with these...  Read More

Jewish Quarter


This tasty restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto in the center of Rome is a good place to go with kids. The seating to the side of the restaurant in the narrow road is closed to cars, and so kids can explore here without parents worrying. On top of...  Read More



Located in the heart of the working class district of Testaccio, Remo's pizza is pretty hard to top. This pizza place is most famous for its paper thin(literally) pizza. Menus don't exactly exist here, so be prepared to have in mind what kind of...  Read More



This bakery near Campo de' Fiori is a favorite with local kids and adults alike. Its pizza taglio, or pizza by the slice, comes out of the oven piping hot and fresh to keep customers happy. The toppings range from a simple margherita (tomato...  Read More



Pizza is a sure way to keep kids happy. This restaurant in the center of Rome takes pizza one-step further by making it in the shape of a ghost. The name of the restaurant, Acchiappafantasmi, translates to ghost busters and explains the pizza's...  Read More

Gianicolo Hill


This restaurant, located in one of Rome's largest parks, is a great place to go with your kids if you are looking to relax while the kids need to run around. Villa Pamphili's grass rolls right up to the outdoor seating area so that your kids...  Read More



What could make kids happier than a cup or cone of gelato as a snack or after a meal? And some of the best gelato in Rome is found at Fatamorgana. This gelateria specializes in all-natural ingredients to create delicious gelato flavors. It has...  Read More


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