Please Your Palate with Some of Rome's Best Gelato

Have you died and gone to gelato heaven? Not until you've check out 10Best's rundown of the best gelaterie in Rome, you haven't! From the classics to exotic flavors you never thought you'd try, don't leave home without this list. You'll thank us for it!

What tourists love so much about gelato when they come to Italy is how good and fresh it takes. That's because unlike American ice cream, gelato is made with fresh fruits and other ingredients and most often without any added preservatives. When it comes to finding good gelato, you don't have to look very far. Luckily for visitors, Rome has a growing surplus of spots featuring this mouth-watering, tasty treat.  

 Locals themselves can't get enough of the city's excellent options, and you'll often find them, along with eager tourists, at popular places like Giolitti or San Crispino, both national landmarks when running in gelato circles. The great thing about gelato is that it doesn't make you feel heavy or weigh you down after eating it. That's because it's not as hyper-caloric as traditional American ice cream is.

Once you try some really good gelato, you'll realize it makes a great afternoon snack or even an after-dinner treat. It doesn't have the summer time, in order for you to enjoy some of this delicious Roman gelato. The delightful snack is also just as good in the winter. So what are you waiting for? You need to get in on this gelato action!



After you're done visiting the Vatican Museums, make sure to make a pit stop nat the nearby Millennium Gelateria. The Italian ice cream shop is a family run by husband and wife Nicola and Carla since it first opened in 2000 (hence, the name)....  Read More



Visiting the Vatican Museums and not making a top at Old Bridge gelateria is like breaking one of the ten commandments here in Rome. That's because the gelato here, is that good. At all hours of the day, you will see hoards of tourists...  Read More



When you try the gelato at Fata Morgana, you'll have officially died and gone to gelato heaven. The gelato here is that good. Molto buono. While the gelateria also caters to classic flavors such as chocolate, pistacchio and cream, their true...  Read More



This gelateria is daring customers to take their palates where they've never gone before. Il Gelato can be found near the Ara Pacis Museum and Piazza Augusto Imperatore. What makes this gelateria so unique? It has over 100 flavors to choose from...  Read More

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Ciuri Ciuri


When Ciuri Ciuri, the Sicilian pasticceria and gelateria opened in Rome in 2007, it's been winning people's hearts stomachs over time and time again. When people step foot into this locale in Monti, they ofte scratch their heads when deciding...  Read More



When it comes to great gelato, San Crispino sets itself apart from the other wanna-bees in Rome. This gelato is considered to be one of the top gelaterie in all of Rome both my locals and tourists. The orginal gelato shop first opened near the...  Read More



Located in the cuore of old Rome just up the street from Piazza Navona is one of the best gelaterie around town. Frigidarium is nothing but table-top counter with some 20-odd flavors to choose from. But boy, oh boy, is it sooooo good! The...  Read More

Gelateria Della Palma


At first glance, Gelateria della Palma resembles a 50's American Diner or Soda Shop. But once you step inside, you'll know this place means business. The cafè is an obvious stop for tourists and passer-bys as it's situated on a street with...  Read More

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Gelateria Giolitti


This place is always packed, no matter what time of the day or what season of the year it is. You'll always see a line of crowds waiting to get their hands on a cone of Giolitt's delicious gelato. The Giolitti gelateria first started out as a...  Read More

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When it comes to eating good gelato and taking in the scenery, Tre Scalini does a pretty good job at making pleasing their customers. Tre Scalini is actually a restaurat cafè located in Piazza Navona, but it has made a name for itself in the...  Read More


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