Where to Dine Outdoors in 'Bella Roma'

Dining outside is one of the great pleasures of Rome. Combine exceptional food with Rome's outdoor atmosphere, part busy and part laid-back, and you will surely end up with a fine night, or lunch, out. The weather in Rome is pretty dependable from spring to fall, and should hold up if you like your tables outside from at least May to September. In summer, eating outside at lunch can be quite hot, but the evenings are absolutely perfect. Though restaurants with outside seating might seem the norm in a city where the weather is as mild as Rome's, this isn't always the case and ending up at a place with both great food and a table under the stars should not be left to fate. These restaurants are often sought after and it would be wise to book an outside table well in advance.

The two types of outdoor dining are street-side and private, either in a piazza or courtyard. The best is the latter if you do not like your dinner with a side of passing cars, and the best of these are Da Teo in Trastevere, Cesare Al Casaletto (Monteverde), Necci dal 1924 (Pigneto) and Flavio Al Velavevodetto (Testaccio), which has seating on the roof. Street-side dining is often more hectic, like the restaurants themselves, but have the benefit of being where the action is. The pizzerias in this list all fall under this category, as does L'Asino D'Oro (Monti). If you're looking for outdoor dining to beat all outdoor dining in Rome, then head to Vivi Bistrot, which you'll find in the pristine Villa Pamphili park. 



The Umbrian restaurant L'Asino D'Oro is among the best street-side dining options in Rome and in the popular area of Monti. The outside tables are highly sought after and should be booked well in advance. L'Asino D'Oro also specializes in a...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio


Pizza and outside tables go so well together, and this pizzeria located near the Colosseum is another in Rome that offers tables street-side. Not only will you have a stunning view of the Colsseum down the quiet street, but also you'll be eating...  Read More

San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio


This restaurant, bar and cafe has one of the nicest outdoor spaces in Rome. Located in the gentrified Pigneto neighborhood, Necci is best known for being the haunt of poet, writer, director Pier Paolo Pasolini. With several spaces outside, under...  Read More

Gianicolo Hill


Not only a great outdoor option, this restaurant, located in one of Rome's largest parks, is a great place to go with your kids if you are looking to relax while they can run around. Villa Pamphili's grass rolls right up to the outdoor seating...  Read More



Located in a quiet and charming Piazza Ponziani in Trastevere, Da Teo is an excellent choice if you are looking to dine under hanging ivy and sparkling stars. Da Teo serves classic Roman pastas in generous portions in addition to seasonal...  Read More

La Pergola


For those looking to add a little more bling to their dining experience and when money isn't a question, eating at La Pergola restaurant is the icing on the cake. It will turn your Roman Holiday into the ultimate Dolce Vita experience. The...  Read More



Take the 8 tram through Trastevere and to the last stop where Da Cesare al Casaletto is just yards away from the tram's terminus. Getting out of the center brings down the price slightly and raises the food's quality. At da Cesare you'll find...  Read More



This popular pizzeria located in the cuore of Trastevere is one of the best when it comes to serving up that perfect Roman pizza: light, thin and crispy crust. It's extremely sought after not only by tourists but by locals themselves. For years,...  Read More



Located in the heart of the working class district of Testaccio, Remo's pizza is pretty hard to top. This pizza place is most famous for its paper thin(literally) pizza. Menus don't exactly exist here, so be prepared to have in mind what kind of...  Read More



It's not often you can say you've eaten in an ancient landfill site. Located within Monte Testaccio, this entire hill was created from Romans dumping their amphorae (pots used to store liquids), and the dining room is decorated with these...  Read More


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