Best Pubs in Rome

The Best Places to find Pub Grub Around Rome

Can't stand another day of looking at a plate of pasta or pizza on your trip in Rome? For some, especially those used to having a little variety in your meals; eating Italian everyday might start to wear down your taste buds. In the mood for a juicy burger with fries or just some plain ol' pub grub? 10Best has a list of places where you can find comfort food to go along with that pint of ice cold beer.

In Rome, pubs come a dime a dozen. But that doesn't mean that they're all the same nor are they all good. The most popular around Rome are your typical Irish pubs; the ones that serve Guiness on tap and where pub quizzes make a regular appearance. In the centro storico, the most popular pubs are the Abbey Theatre, Scholar's Irish Lounge and Trinity College.  

The Abbey Theatre is famous for broadcasting American sports games and serves up a hearty hamburger. Looking for live music every night of the week? Then, Scholar's Lounge is your place. From rock and roll music to karaoke nights, Scholar's Lounge caters to a crowd with loads of interests. Trinity College not only serves up good pub grub, but the ambiance here really gets shaking on the dance floor, especially on the weekends. 


San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

Situated in the heart of Old Rome near the Santa Maria di Maggiore Church lies one of the oldest pubs in the Eternal City. Sick of pizza and pasta? The 'Old Marconi' is not only famous for serving up some good ol' fashioned pub grub with that pint of Guiness, but you can also try their hearty Irish breakfast served all day long here. The pub also features some Italian dishes and specializes in Austrian fare and Anglo-Irish cuisine as well. If you're looking for a true gastropub that offers a full lunch and dinner menu with plates like tender lamb roasted skewers, leek potato soup with croutons or simply a nice a juicy hamburger, you've come to the right spot!

Local Expert tip: The kitchen at Old Marconi is open all day, which is a rarity in Rome.

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Piazza Venezia

The Nag's Head is a popular Scottish pub located around the corner from Piazza Venezia. On any given night, you can find this pub packed with English-speaking tourists and locals. As soon as you walk into the pub, you are greeted by kitschy knights in armor and swords. Though, once inside the pub, the atmosphere is that of your typical neighborhood pub. For those that are hungry, Nag's Head serves great salads, burgers, pizza and believe it or not, tiramisù. Stick around for dinner and show your best moves on the dance floor here or sit back and relax while listening to bands playing live music.

Local Expert tip: From 10pm-1am, the Nag's Head Pub features an open bar with drinks and pizza for just €15 per person.

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Miscellanea Pub is one of those great neighborhood bars that once you stumble upon it, you instantly fall in love with it. The pub located just around the corner from the Pantheon has been around for over 25 years and is run by the friendly Italian owner Michelangelo 'Mikki' Minervini. For the people that come to this pub, it's Mikki that truly makes the place warm and special. The owner is always chatting up his customers and takes the time out to take to everyone at every table. While this pub may not serve Guiness beer, it does serve some great foot-long panini, delicious antipasti and some hearty salads.

Local Expert tip: Wine by the glass here can set you back as little as €2,50 each.

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You don't have to search high and low for a place to grab a juicy oversized burger. Right in the heart of Old Rome, there's an Irish pub that never disappoints; whether you're looking for some good old fashioned pub grub or a place to have some drinks or even get your party on. Mad Jacks also serves up some excellent sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes. The pub is located on Via Arenula, just up the street from the ruins of Largo Argentina and a stone's throw from Campo de' Fiori. The pub is frequented by expats, English speaking travelers and American students on study abroad. The bar is cosy and offers a very laid-back atmosphere. As the night goes on, the pub gets packed with people who looking to shake their thing on the dance floor. Music ranges from rock and roll to hip hop and R & B.

Local Expert tip: Mad Jacks is also a good place to watch sports games.

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Located in Ponte Milvio, the heart of the movida and one of the hottest spots for Roman nightlife; Aristocampo Ponte Milvio is a laid back favorite for the locals. The pub is a part of a chain, with other locations in Trastevere, Campo de' Fiori and other spots around Rome. Despite its size, it attracts a big crowd especially on the weekends thanks to its generous and economical aperitivo buffet (Happy Hour buffet). Don't worry if you can't to make it to happy hour. One can still eat lunch of dinner here. At Aristocampo, one can order pizza, salads and pasta. But most people come here for the deliciously generous portioned paninis. The pork sanwiches in particular, are a favorite for many. Don't fret if you're not into beer. This pub also specializes in wine and can even make a mean mojito and Aperol-Spritz (a cocktail made with Aperol soda and sparkling wine or prosecco). Make sure to arrive early if you want to be seated. There are very few tables and they tend to go fast. Otherwise, you'll just have to do as the Romans do and stand.

Local Expert tip: Aperitivo time or the Italian version of happy hour, happens here every night from 6-9:30pm. For the price of a drink, one can chow down on a wide selection of finger foods, sandwiches and pasta.

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Fairy Tales is a historic Irish pub located in the heart of Prati, a neighborhood that borders Vatican City. This Irish Pub isn't very known to tourists, rather it's frequented mainly by locals. The pub is a fun place to hang out with a group of friends. If you're lucky, they'll seat you in booths that look like big beer barrels. If you get hungry, you can try one of their pizzas, crepes, sanwiches or burger with fries. Fairy Tales is also a cool place to come for those looking to listen to a little live music. Most nights, they feature cover band music. However, at least one night a week, you can come to listen to some traditional Irish music.

Local Expert tip: On Sunday nights, a trivia game much like 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' is played at Fairy Tales.

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Scholar's lounge may not be the oldest one on the block, but it's certainly one of the most popular especially with Americans in Rome. Indeed, Scholar's Irish Lounge is pretty much a newbee on the pub scene in the Eternal City as it was only founded in 2005. Yet the owners who are 100% Irish knew exactly what draws in a cool crowd: pub quizzes, live cover-band rock and Irish music, and a wide-range of American and British sports games featured nightly on their TV screens. The food at Scholar's is also pretty decent for those who wish to munch on some snacks or sit down for a proper meal to go with your pints of beer. Aside from Italian pizza and pasta, they also serve a typical Irish breakfast, Tex-Mex Nachos, Baked potatoes, chicken nuggets and wings. Talk about comfort food!

Local Expert tip: For dessert, don't forget to ask about their freshly baked apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. You certainly won't find that served in too many places in Rome!

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Unlike many Irish pubs around Rome, Trinity College has a faithful following by local Italians. Tucked away on a tiny street between the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain; Trinity College is the perfect spot to grab a pint, eat some pub grub and watch the game with some friends. The pub has two maxi screens where fans can watch Rugby, Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Italian football and even American NFL football games. The pub also hosts special parties in games during the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. On the weekends, the vibe here is pretty lively and there's a DJ that plays a mix of pop, dance, hip hop, and R&B nightly. If you're looking to get away from the club scene, this the right spot to be.

Local Expert tip: Trinity College makes some pretty decent burgers, salads and sandwiches too.

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The Abbey Theatre Irish pub is a popular hang out among the anglo-saxon tourists, expat and study abroad student crowd. It's your typcal lively Irish pub that serves up some pretty good pub fare and Italian dishes. The pub is spread out over two floors and has a huge range of Irish whiskeys and beers on tap including Guiness. The pub is a hot spot for broadcasting American Sports games, England's premier football (soccer) matches and Rugby games. At the Abbey, one can partake in open-mic night, pub quizzes or simply sit back and enjoy some live Irish music.

Local Expert tip: If you're ever craving for a great burger in Rome, you don't need to wait hours in line at the Hard Rock. Head straight down to the Piazza Navona area where the Abbey Theatre is located.

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If you're looking for a pub or birreria that's all about 'Made in Italy', look no further than Open Baladin near Campo de' Fiori. Some might classify it as a pub. While other would categorize it as a locale that specializes in hand crafted beer. In fact, Open Baladin serves up more than 100 types of artisanal beers produced in Italy. Forty of their beers are on tap. Yes, you read right. 40! Though, the atmosphere is laid back here with its tall wooden table tops and chairs; it's nothing like your average rowdy sports bar or pub. Open Baladin specializes in pub grub with a kick: chicken strips marinated in curry, burgers made in all shapes and sizes, hot dogs, Caesar Salad and even dessert made with beer!

Local Expert tip: Don't miss out on their homemade potato chips. Their flavors include: paprika, garlic and pecorino cheese, and even liquorice.

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