Cucina Romana: The Best of Roman Cuisine in Rome

We're always on the lookout for Rome's best restaurants, and while we appreciate places that have a broad culinary range, we can't help but adore restaurants that specialize in local cuisine. And roman cuisine doesn't disappoint. Roman cuisine is not fancy or refined, but like with many things in life, what may seem simple is often in fact, difficult to achieve. While you can find classic Roman dishes like carbonara (pasta served with egg and guanciale - pork cheek) or cacio e pepe (pasta served with a delicious pecorino cheese and black pepper sauce) on just about every corner in the city, it doesn't mean it's good quality or even authentic for that matter.

You need to know where to go in Rome to eat well and this 10Best list has got you covered. When we're in the mood for cucina romana Roman food in Rome, we head to Da Enzo in Trastevere - a locals' favorite - or we count on Flavio al Velavevodetto's solid track record and consistently great roman dishes. When it's roman style pizza (thin and crispy, almost charred!) we're on the hunt for, Da Remo or Ai Marmi are our picks. And for something different, Il Bar Sotto il Mare in the Prati district is an old-fashioned fish trattoria. Yes - Rome is close to the sea and the Romans know how to serve up amazing seafood as well.  

You'll find these places - and any of the restaurants on our list - to be fantastic options for Roman cuisine. Happy dining!



One of the best kosher restaurants of Rome's Jewish Ghetto, the walls here are frescoed with images depicting the area's fascinating history. Some say the high volume of visitors has compromised the quality, but this is as typical as Jewish...  Read More



La Gatta Mangiona is located in the Monteverde neighbourhood, completely away from the historical center and tourist area but close enough and easy to reach. Most of the clientele are locals here and you will truly feel you've ticked 'authentic...  Read More



No paper menu, fantastic food and typically Roman service defines this no frills trattoria in the heart of the Garbatella district. The service is typically Roman - which means if you're expecting formal and refined, you're probably at the wrong...  Read More



This popular pizzeria located in the cuore of Trastevere is one of the best when it comes to serving up that perfect Roman pizza: light, thin and crispy crust. It's extremely sought after not only by tourists but by locals themselves. For years,...  Read More



Located in the heart of the working class district of Testaccio, Remo's pizza is pretty hard to top. This pizza place is most famous for its paper thin(literally) pizza. Menus don't exactly exist here, so be prepared to have in mind what kind of...  Read More



Located in the Prati district, Il Bar Sotto il Mare is a Roman trattoria specialising only in seafood. When you think roman trattoria or cucina romana you probably don't automatically think seafood. Yet, as the owners of this place say –...  Read More



Take the 8 tram through Trastevere and to the last stop where Da Cesare al Casaletto is just yards away from the tram's terminus. Getting out of the center brings down the price slightly and raises the food's quality. At da Cesare you'll find...  Read More



With a perennial presence in Trip Advisor's top 100, you may dine amongst more foreigners than locals, but as one of the city's chief slow food exponents, it's worth following the masses. A family affair, chef Eliana Catalani's husband explains...  Read More



It's not often you can say you've eaten in an ancient landfill site. Located within Monte Testaccio, this entire hill was created from Romans dumping their amphorae (pots used to store liquids), and the dining room is decorated with these...  Read More



For traditional cucina romana (Roman cuisine), the best place to go to is Da Enzo. It's literally a hole-in-the-wall with maybe about 10 or 12 tables. Da Enzo definitely does up the most mind-blowing carciofi alla giudia (Jewish style fried...  Read More


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