Basta con Pizza and Pasta! Check out Rome's Top Sushi Restaurants

You've been in Rome for a few days now and you've had it up to your eyes and ears with pizza and pasta. Basta! Never fret. Surprisingly, the city is making big strides when it comes to good ethnic eateries, especially when it comes to sushi. Over the last few years, sushi restaurants have become increasingly popular in Rome. 

Italian students and budget conscious eaters head to the Tiburtina area where Makoto Ristorante Giapponese offers an 'all-you-can-eat' way to eat your sushi and Japanese food. Granted, the selection is not as large as other sushi restaurants around town, but the food is always fresh and made to order. And well, for €19 a person, what else do you want?

For some of the best sushi take out, Italians head to the mini-sushi franchise shops around town, Daruma. The shops have a small but good selection of sushi, sashimi and salads to choose from. You can order take out for lunch and/or dinner and most of their shops also have a small dining area where you can gobble up your yummy sushi. The most popular shops are in the Monti and Centro Storico area.

By far the best sushi restaurant around town will require a bit of a schelp across the city. But once you get to Genkai, you'll understand why even Italian celebs rave about the Genkai Special Sake (their signature roll). Check out the rest of the list to see where the locals get their sushi fix.



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Ginza Gold


Ginza Gold is a hip, modern sushi restaurant located near Piazza Barberini. The decor inside is chic with sleek black wood and stone paneling, and gold and red accents throughout the restaurant. Ginza is both a sushi and Japanese restaurant....  Read More



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