Best Take Out Restaurants in Rome

Where to Get the Best Takeout Food in Rome

Take-out food is not a staple of Italian dining as it is in other countries. Meals here are usually long affairs, eaten in a restaurant or at home. Though there are places that specialize in food for eating on the go or taking out to a favorite piazza to enjoy there. The first go-to for take away food in Rome is pizza taglio, or pizza by the slice, which is available throughout the day. In addition to pizza taglio, the pizzerias on this list often have fried goodies like supplì–delicious fried balls of rice and cheese–that make a perfect snack. The best places for these fried snacks are I Supplì and Trapizzino, which also has trapizzini, a snack invented here in Rome by renowned pizzamaker Stefano Calegari that is something like a pizza pocket and all tastiness.

If you want to venture away from pizza taglio Rome has some good options. If you are in Monti, why not try some rustic snacks at Dall’Antò or a flatbread sandwich from La Piadineria. And in Testaccio, there is the hugely popular Mordi e Vai stand in the market where you can get tasty sandwiches made from an array of fillings that include meatballs or tripe. If your snack buds are craving something other than Italian food entirely, then head the Seven Lanka for some of their rice with curried vegetables and meat or their spicy, fried samosas.


The sandwich shop that was a household name in Milan for years has landed in Rome and is located right in the heart of the city, between the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Open for all day dining from breakfast through to aperitivo time and after dinner drinks, the venue is super modern and stylish and attracts locals and tourists alike. The menu is huge with just about every combination of panino filling you can think of, to suit meat lovers, vegetarians and even those with a sweet tooth. At aperitivo time, patrons can enjoy local and Italian wines and cocktails with platters of prime cold meats like prosciutto and an array of cheeses with honey and chutneys to match. METRO: Spagna.

Recommended for Take Out because: Located in the very heart of the city, Panini de Santis use only the freshest ingredients in their panini.

Maria's expert tip: Try their fresh fruit smoothies and juices!

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San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

If a good way to judge a Roman restaurant is by the number of Romans eating there, the same could be said about the quality of Sri Lankan restaurants in Rome. Seven Lanka is always busy with resident Sri Lankans waiting for their plates of rice and curried meats and vegetables served in generous portions. Though there are a few tables for eating inside, it is much better to take your food to the nearby Colle Oppio Park. For a snack, try the spicy Sri Lankan samosas or rotis that come filled with vegetables or tuna or a whole egg. METRO: Vittorio Emanuele

Recommended for Take Out because: Always busy and a local hot spot, Seven Lanka serves up delicious Sri Lankan fare.

Maria's expert tip: Don't leave without trying the samosas!

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Sick and tired of the same run-of-the-mill panino day after day during your Roman holiday? Well move over panino, the perfect piadina has made its way to Rome in a big way! What's a piadina you ask? It's Like the American version of a sandwich wrap but better and fresher. The chain, La Piadineria has a few locations across town but the one near Piazza Navona has become 'the' lunch spot among locals and tourists. All of the piadine (wraps) are made to order, fresh and on the spot. You can order everything from turkey, salmon and even prosciutto in your wrap with all sorts of veggies. The most popular wraps are the 'Leggenda' (made with arugula, prosciutto and cheese) and the 'Leggerezza' (made with turkey, cheese, tomato and lettuce). Don't forget to add the cream of balsamic vinegar to your piadina. The Monti location is also centrally located. TRAM: 8

Recommended for Take Out because: Fresh and made express, a piadina is a perfect option for a quick lucnh break in between sightseeing.

Maria's expert tip: Not in the mood for something salty? No problem! La Piadineria can also whip a tasty treat featuring its wrap with nutella and fruit.

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This bakery near Campo de' Fiori is a favorite with the locals. Its pizza a taglio, or pizza by the slice, comes out of the oven piping hot and fresh to keep customers happy. The toppings range from a simple margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella) and rossa (just tomato sauce) to more complicated arrangements like sausage and fiori di zucca. There will be something to please everyone. And if it's something more substantial you're after, then there is a small buffet with local vegetables and sometimes porchetta, or stuffed, roasted pork. Often the small takeaway place gets crowded so ask for your lunch to be wrapped up and take it to nearby Campo or Piazza Farnese where your kids can enjoy eating outside. TRAM: 8 BUS: 30, 40, 62, 64, 70, 87

Recommended for Take Out because: A locals' favorite, not many beat the Roscioli bakers in the center of Rome for bread and pizza al taglio.

Maria's expert tip: Try the pizza rossa - pizza with tomato sauce. It's one of the best in Rome and the kids will love it.

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San Giovanni/Termini/Colle Oppio

Il Pinsere is a whole-in-the-wall pizza shop located a short distance from Termini station and Piazza della Repubblica. Frequented by locals and people who work in the area, the lunchtime rush is madness but a lot of fun. Unlike most pizza al taglio places in Rome, here you order by the pizza but they round and smaller than your regular pizza. Featuring toppings like zucchini flowers, sundried tomatoes, roasted vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, pork sausage and pancetta, you won't be at all disappointed or hungry afterwards. There is a small bench area outside but it's really made for stand up eating or take away. BUS: 16, 6. METRO: Repubblica.

Recommended for Take Out because: Il Pinsere offer an alternative to pizza by the slice with delicious individual round pizzas right in the center of Rome.

Maria's expert tip: If you can, get there by 12 midday before the lunchtime rush, which is madness.

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On a small street off the Forum of Augustus, Dall'Ant� is a small bakery that specializes in Italian breads with a long history. Taking its inspiration from the area north of Rome and Sardinia, the owners of Dall'Ant� bake up their out-of-the-ordinary snacks. If you're looking for something quick, try a slice of the farinata di ceci, a flatbread made with chickpea flour that comes plain or topped with capers or onions. Another favorite is the necci di castagne, a flatbread like crepe made with chestnut flour and rolled around your choice of cheese. There is seating inside, if you want to stop by for lunch. METRO: Cavour

Recommended for Take Out because: Wholesome and beyond delicious, Dall'Anto is great for a snack right by the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Maria's expert tip: Be sure to try the crepes made with chestnut flour.

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Gabrielle Bonci has been dubbed the 'Michelangelo of pizza making' and he deserves every accolade. Baker turned pizza magician, he's famed for his experimental toppings (he is said to use 1,500 ingredients per year ranging from melon to licorice) and championing slow-rise dough. This tiny spot features his daily changing pizza by-the-slice creations with their subversively fluffy dough and seasonal toppings. Bonci's bread is made with the same flour and yeast as his pizza and this is available for purchase too. There's also craft beer to provide you with the perfect pairing to the most perfect pizza slice. With a recent renovation, there is (although very limited) now space to sit and eat. METRO: Cipro.

Recommended for Take Out because: Gabriele Bonci is one of Rome's best pizzamakers. The newly refurbished Pizzarium is a must on your visit to Rome.

Maria's expert tip: Try the local craft beer - your server can help you pick out one to go with your pizza choice.

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A small stand in the Testaccio Market, Mordi e Vai is a local favorite place for a to-go lunch in Rome. Sandwiches are filled with whatever the dishes of the day are, which can range from tripe to meatballs. Vegetables can be used to make your sandwich too, like Roman artichokes in spring when they are in season. The sandwiches are warm and some of the best in the city. The best place to eat your sandwich is in the middle of the market where there is seating. And don't forget to pick up dessert of a couple cannoli at DressArt, also in the Testaccio Market. METRO: Piramide

Recommended for Take Out because: Sandwiches in Rome don't get much more mouthwatering than those of Mordi e Vai

Maria's expert tip: Try the salsa verde - it will blow your mind!

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Trapizzino is the home to the 'trapizzino'. Created by award winning Roman pizzamaker Stefano Calegari it is a cross between a sandwich and a pizza - a pizza pocket if you like. Located also in Testaccio, the Ponte Milvio branch is the latest installment to the brand. These delicious pizza pockets are filled with all sorts of goodness from quinto quarto (the roman slang for offal), to chicken cacciatore and traditional meat balls in a rich tomato sauce. Rome's favorite street-food - the suppli (a rice ball fried to golden perfection) are also on the menu. (Ponte Milvio) METRO: Flaminio. BUS: 23 (Testaccio) METRO: Piramide, BUS: 23, 3, 75, 44.

Recommended for Take Out because: Trapizzino satisfies when you can't decide if it's a sandwich or pizza you want!

Maria's expert tip: Be sure to try the suppli - the Genovese with slow cooked beef is one of their best!

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This hole-in-the-wall take-out joint is a Trastevere institution. Suppl? were the poor man's dish created to recycle old risotto rice, and happily delicious too. While many other places sell bland fried balls in the name of suppli, these are the real thing. Join the queue and don't expect to linger long in indecision. Their pizza al taglio is cooked the old way, is delicious and crispy thin. The mushroom one is great, as is the zucchini and burrata but the pizza marinara (fresh tomato and garlic) is the real stand out. They also serve up different pasta dishes each day including the traditional gnocchi with tomato sauce on a Thursday. TRAM: 8, BUS: 75, 3, 23.

Recommended for Take Out because: I Suppli is a true locals hotspot in busy Trastevere and serve up some of the cities best suppli and fried snacks.

Maria's expert tip: While the pizza is amazing, if you're in Rome on a Thursday head here for gnocchi. Served with classic tomato sauce, you better get in early for lunch so you don't miss out!

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