Best Osaka Restaurants

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    Wolfgang Puck Cafe

    For those accustomed to innovative cuisine and excellent service at Wofgang Puck's International Cafes, the Osaka version does not disappoint. Surrounded by...

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    Windows on the World

    Spectacular views await diners at this bountiful buffet well known for its superior selection of fine Western and Asian dishes. Found on the 35th floor of...

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    Okonomiyaki Madonna

    Embraced by patrons for its flavorful rendition of the dish that some like to call Japanese stuffed pizza, this Okonomiyaki restaurant is a hometown...

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    Locals will confirm that Mimiu's is the best place to go for udon sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese noodle stew with cabbage, clams, eel, yams and other...

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    This genuine Indian dining experience has become a fixture with Osakans and international visitors alike. Guests delight in tastes and smells inspired by...

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    Mod di Ponte Vecchio

    This preferred destination for rich, savory Italian food is well liked for its attentive service and healthful menu options by way of various vegetable...

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    The drum-beating bespectacled clown in front of the restaurant stands as a popular icon for fun and casual dining in the busy Namba district. Tasteful...

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    La Baie

    Dine at La Baie at the Ritz-Carlton and you'll find yourself ensconced in the essence of a British country house complete with rich, wood paneled walls, a...

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