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    Ame-Mura, or American Town, is the place to go if you want to purchase the style of contemporary urban youth. Originally receiving its name from the first...

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    Hankyu Entertainment Park

    The Hankyu Entertainment Park consists of the HEP FIVE and HEP NAVIO buildings where shopping, cinemas, restaurants, an entertainment arcade and giant...

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    Nan Nan Town

    Don't miss the opportunity to visit the location where the Japanese underground shopping craze began. Nan Nan Town was originally built in 1957 as the first...

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    Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street carries a rich Osakan history, with roots as a bustling retail area as far back as the Edo Period 400 years ago. It...

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    Umeda Shopping Arcade

    A series of underground shopping malls connect under the Umeda railway station giving rise to the fascinating Umeda Underground Shopping Concourse. Housed...

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    The Tennoji area brings together Osaka's merchant past and commercial present with its mixture of older shops and newly constructed shopping venues. Kitetsu...

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    Tempozan Marketplace

    Bounded by Osaka Harbor, Tempozan Marketplace is a modern three-story shopping and entertainment complex offering a comprehensive art gallery, over 90...

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    Crysta Nagahori

    When devising plans for this underground shopping mall, architects sought to give shoppers the feel of shopping above ground despite their below decks...

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    Den Den Town

    Den Den Town, an electronics paradise, offers everything from cameras to calculators, often at discounted prices. Over 150 shops comprise this shopping...


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