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From all the shops and stores in a city, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the most appeal and the best offerings. We deliver a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Osaka shopping on your own. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Best Shopping list for Osaka. Here, we distill the best businesses down to a special selection of ten. These places promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can't miss.


Ame-Mura, or American Town, is the place to go if you want to purchase the style of contemporary urban youth. Originally receiving its name from the first stores here that sold inexpensive American clothing and accessories, it has exploded into an immensely popular shopping locale for trendy fashion seekers with over 3000 shops to visit. Coffee shops, bars and restaurants abound in an area that is packed with shops. The name may be Ame-Mura, but the avant-garde experience is uniquely Japanese.

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The Hankyu Entertainment Park consists of the HEP FIVE and HEP NAVIO buildings where shopping, cinemas, restaurants, an entertainment arcade and giant Ferris wheel converge. A fresh, sharp feel emanates from the shopping arcade with its bright lights, modern edges and contemporary architecture. Home to over 280 stores, HEP includes Western brand-name outlets as well as unique and trendy shops. Osaka Station is just minutes away, making the complex very convenient.

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Don't miss the opportunity to visit the location where the Japanese underground shopping craze began. Nan Nan Town was originally built in 1957 as the first large-scale underground shopping facility. Soon after, these complexes were springing up all over Japan. Nan Nan Town is known for its casual shopping and eating atmosphere. Additional shopping venues connected to Nan Nan Town, Namba City and Namba Walk, offer fine boutiques and brand name stores as well as interior design shops.

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Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street carries a rich Osakan history, with roots as a bustling retail area as far back as the Edo Period 400 years ago. It remains one of the most well known shopping districts in the city, carrying lines like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel. In addition to these fashionable shops, traditional kimono tailors, jewelers and well-stocked bookstores find their home under the 600 meter long roofed arcade.

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A series of underground shopping malls connect under the Umeda railway station giving rise to the fascinating Umeda Underground Shopping Concourse. Housed in a labyrinth of passageways are malls such as Whity Umeda, Dojima Underground, Diamor Osaka and Hankyu Sunbangai. Man-made underground rivers, sunken gardens and common areas boasting fountains and cascading waterfalls bring life to the underground arena. Umeda shoppers find bookstores, fashion boutiques, department stores, restaurants and more in the malls below the surface.

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The Tennoji area brings together Osaka's merchant past and commercial present with its mixture of older shops and newly constructed shopping venues. Kitetsu Abeno Department Store, Avetica Underground Mall, Abeno-Suiji Street and the Appolo Building constitute the Tennoji shopping experience. Among these retailers one can find everything from antiques to fashion. This area sports a friendly Osakan atmosphere and is bordered by parks and attractions.

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Bounded by Osaka Harbor, Tempozan Marketplace is a modern three-story shopping and entertainment complex offering a comprehensive art gallery, over 90 international shops, restaurants and nightclubs as well as a public events arena. Selections include everything from children's products to eveningwear. Picturesque suspended sculptures and abstract concourse floor patterns give the Marketplace a contemporary flair.

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Situated in the center of the Namba area of Osaka, this market for all things food related is said to have evolved from groups of sundry stores along the approach to local temples and shrines. In Sennichimae Doguya-Suji you can locate cooking utensils, supplies and specialty cooking devices, as it seems there is no end to the food related selections. Secure your own octopus ball fryer or simply sample the treat in one of the area's small eateries featuring popular Japanese snacks.

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When devising plans for this underground shopping mall, architects sought to give shoppers the feel of shopping above ground despite their below decks realities. Designers incorporated natural elements like filtered sunlight, fluid waterfalls and glass ceilings to artfully achieve their goals. While enjoying this ambience, visitors may choose from 100 restaurants and shops including a number of fashion boutiques. Many consumers favor this spot because of convenient connection to five railway and subway stations.

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Den Den Town, an electronics paradise, offers everything from cameras to calculators, often at discounted prices. Over 150 shops comprise this shopping district that is well known for its dizzying selection of anything electronic. Nipponbashi, an electrical device and appliance district, flanks the east side of Den Den Town. Be prepared to bargain in Nipponbashi as retailers often throw in extras or discount prices to seal a deal. The entire area is awash in brilliant signs and banners creating a fun-filled shopping experience.

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