Visiting a museum is always a unique experience, as each one has its own distinct characteristics, style, and of course, content. Museum subjects vary greatly from city to city, and can range from firefighter's museums to fine art, to sports. If you need help making a selection, our 10Best list highlights the top spots to visit in Lexington.

This university-affiliated museum provides "town and gown" communities with an opportunity to view a range of masterworks by well- and lesser-known artists from a variety of countries and times. The permanent collection includes pieces by...  Read More

Carriage Museum of America

Founded in the late ‘70's, the Carriage Museum of America is the perfect place to learn about the history and use of animal-drawn carriages. The museum serves as a full-time library with collections of books and blueprints on carriages, wagons, stables, breeding and more.

Lexington History Museum

For a detailed look at the history and foundation of present-day Lexington, visit the Lexington History Museum on West Main in downtown. Exhibits showcase the most defining moments of the second largest city in the Blue Grass state, including...  Read More

The Explorium of Lexington

Marked by a bright yellow awning and a boldly painted exterior, this children's museum is a fantastic place for young ones to explore. Its array of interactive exhibits teaches while it entertains, and it offers kids a better understanding of...  Read More

International Museum of the Horse

Documenting the evolution of the horse, its longstanding relationship to humans, and its status in the modern world, this museum explores the equine in its many roles and incarnations. Art exhibits, photography shows, biological and historical...  Read More

Headley – Whitney Museum

On what was once the family estate, George W. Headley III, an accomplished jewelry designer, instituted (with his wife, Barbara Whitney) this museum dedicated to decorative arts. Encompassing such well-designed but functional objects as...  Read More

American Saddlebred Museum

This museum elucidates and pays tribute to Kentucky's only native equine breed. The American saddlebred, a prominent show horse, is presented via artwork, sculpture, artifacts, interactive exhibits, and other methods. Exhibits change regularly...  Read More

Bluegrass Railroad Museum

Not more than fifteen miles from Lexington, this facility offers fascinating glimpses of the rail era, along with displays of equipment and memorabilia. It also invites visitors to take a ride through the countryside on a vintage train. Pastoral...  Read More

Nostalgia Station Toy Train Museum

If you're enamored of life in the good old days, this museum – just ten miles west of town in Versailles – will allow you to recapture a piece of the past, if just for a while. It offers a wealth of railroad-related items, including model...  Read More

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

If you're the type who's mesmerized by thoughts of flight and taking to the clouds, you'll appreciate this local museum. Within it lie a number of restored aircraft, along with flying instruments and artifacts. Included in the collection are a...  Read More