10Best Itinerary: Visit New Orleans on Saints' Game Day

The "how to" of game day in NOLA

By Kristopher Neild,

You've spent months in advance going over the schedule, sifting through airline fares and finally booking that hotel room. Unfortunately, the planning for attending a New Orleans Saints football game doesn't end there. Fortunately, the guide below will help you out. 

The majority of Saints home games are on a Sunday, and most are scheduled at the 12 CST block. Hopefully, you've reserved your hotel room in either the CBD or French Quarter neighborhoods of New Orleans, as they're both within walking distance of the home field of the Saints, known as the Superdome.

Saints fans are known for dressing up — Photo courtesy of New Orleans Saints

Waking up early for the game is crucial, especially to get your body the nutrients it needs to withstand the standing, cheering and partying you're going to be doing. Start your day by heading over to Huck Finn's on Decatur to fill up on BBQ shrimp and grits, or maybe the local twist on Eggs Benedict. This is a very pro-Saints establishment and the staff, as well as the patrons, can give you all the insight and advice you need on what to expect for game day. If you need to indulge in a morning libation, a variety of those are made available here as well.

Now that the belly is happy, it's time to look the part. There are plenty of team stores and street vendors around the city where you can pick up the witty "Free Sean Payton" shirts or a Drew Brees jersey. Right down the street from Huck Finn's is one of the better team stores, located inside of Jax Brewery. Here you'll be able to shop without the commotion and bartering that would take place at a stand.

Eggs Benedict — Photo courtesy of Jon Mountjoy

Within a couple of hours of game time is when you should start walking towards the Superdome. Most Saints fans like to engage in a little pre-gaming, and a perfect place for that is at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, located right on your way to the stadium. Grab a few drinks and bar bites while catching the pregame analysis on one of their many televisions. Make sure you and your party understand you'll be paying a premium for food and drinks inside the stadium, so the time to consume is now. 

From Gordon Biersch, leave yourself at least 30 minutes to get to your seat inside the stadium. Many people will be walking down Poydras Street and around the stadium corridors, so prepare for a lot of foot traffic. Once inside, expect to hoot and holler with the rest of the 'Who Dat Nation' for about three hours as the Saints look to demolish their competition. 

Post-game, you could fall under one of two categories: you're super tired and need a nap (which could extend into full REM sleep) or you're ready to keep the good times rolling. If you're the former, head back to your hotel room to snooze for a bit. If you can will yourself to recover, you can join the rest of your friends that evening on Bourbon Street, where the party can extend to the wee hours of the morning. Be prepared to drink, dance and witness some of the most incredible sights your eyes have ever seen.