Channing Tatum's Restaurant Opening Soon in New Orleans

Actor's Storyville themed restaurant Saints and Sinners will be opening in early October 2012

By Kristopher Neild,

Saints and Sinners is the super hyped restaurant/bar creation of actor Channing Tatum, planning to open its doors sometime in early October 2012 on Bourbon Street. Locals have been solicited with racy ads for the venue, totally pumping the mystique and allure of this Storyville themed joint. 

Saints and Sinners, a Channing Tatum creation will be opening in early October 2012 — Photo courtesy of Saints and Sinners

Storyville was the section of New Orleans where prostitution was allowed and regulated during the late 19th century. Jazz music also flourished here. This restaurant figures to channel both of those practices somewhat in their decor and entertainment. The ads for Saints and Sinners' opening feature attractive, scantily clad women, though the Facebook page for the joint says this will not be or have anything to do with being a strip club. 

Channing Tatum grew up around the area, and was back in town filming the movie "21 Jump Street" when he decided on a location and theme. Some are saying the restaurant may also borrow some styling from his recent movie "Magic Mike". With a motto of "Sumptuous Food, Sexy Atmosphere", the grand opening is sure arousing some excitement in The Big Easy.