Best Places for Ghost Busting in New Orleans, America's Most Haunted City

New Orleans is often cited as being one of America's most haunted cities. Whether you're a believer in the spirit world or not, there's something decidedly eerie walking through one of the city's famous cemeteries, their dead interred on top of the swampy ground instead of six feet under.   The city served as a historic entry point for the country's slave trade, was a major stomping ground for pirates, and was the birth place of voodoo. Add in the mix of African, French and Spanish traditions and superstitions, and the stage is set for otherworldly visitors. 

The city has capitalized on its ghostly population. Realtors advertise when an historic home for sale is haunted, although there's an often told story about a certain Nicholas Cage being unable to live in his famously haunted, now ex-abode in the Quarter.   There are lots of tour options to explore and exploit the city's sixth sense, some running at night, many with rambles through old tombs in the famous St. Louis Cemetery #1, the final resting place  of voodoo queen Marie Laveaux – or is it? Whether you like your tours over the top and theatrical or more historic,  there is a tour for you. Most cater to kids and families, but some include stops for adult beverages in haunted pubs.



Consistently making it to number one on popular tourism social media sites says something. Maybe it's because Ghost City Tours works with super guides, expert yarn spinners who stop short of melodrama. Then there's the Ghost of New Orleans tour,...  Read More



Spirit Tours offers a wide range of walking tours, but the Ghost Tour draws the biggest crowds. Leaving conveniently from 601 Royal Street each evening at 8:15 pm, stops include the famous St. Louis Cemetery with its voodoo queen grave and...  Read More



Historic New Orleans Tours' Haunted French Quarter Walk makes sure to hit all of the "most haunted" city's hot spots. You will venture to the Lalaurie Mansion, hear about the phantom of the Orleans Hotel, and shiver over the tale of the witch...  Read More

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If you're looking for the average walking tour, then move along. But if you want to delve deeper into local culture and lore, with commentary powered by a curious mind adept at arcane facts and in-depth research, then you've come to the right...  Read More



Gray Line offers a very solid Ghost & Spirits Walking Tour that takes participants on a deep journey through the city's major haunted locales by night. You may meet the ghosts of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, and be introduced to a full cast of...  Read More

French Quarter


Bloody Mary offers a fully comprehensive ghost tour that is pretty much unrivaled in the city. As for Bloody Mary herself, she is a New Orleans native who has traveled the globe on spiritual quests, seeking out the paranormal. She offers a three...  Read More



The chills start as soon as you take a look around Lord Chaz's website. A self made expert on New Orleans ghost/vampire history who became so popular he started his own business, Lord Chaz and his crew bring a Goth, leather biker sensibility to...  Read More

French Quarter


The Haunted Mortuary on Canal Street is certifiably home to a cadre of spirits according to a number of paranormal experts around the country. The original goal of the current owner was to turn the building into a haunted house, but during...  Read More

French Quarter Phantoms


The French Quarter Phantoms Ghost & Vampire Tour is constantly battling it out with Haunted History Tours for the top ghost tour in town, and if your stay is long enough it would be worth doing both. Created after consulting with the...  Read More



With Haunted History Tours, you have options. Ghost tours, vampire tours, cemetery tours; pick your poison. The tour guides will laugh and haunt you through two hours of exploring the French Quarter's darker history. The highlight of the...  Read More


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