Free Fun Abounds in Portland

Portland's offerings of free fun things to do spans the full spectrum of interests and hobbies. Fans of the outdoors will enjoy the Eastern Promenade with its spectacular views of Casco Bay. In addition, the backwoods paths of Portland Trails treat adventurers to choice experiences on Portland's little known wild side. Urban parks take on new significance with such delights as the Payson Terrain Park, a mecca for snowboarders and skiiers in the winter; the Longfellow Arboretum with its choice collection of 40 non-native tree species, and the nostalgic Castle-in-the-Park for fun Victorian play in Deering Oaks Park. Meanwhile, history and fun combine to make the Old Port District and the Portland Freedom Trail a must-do experience well worth trying. No matter what your interest, Portland's free and fun things to do are waiting for you!

Portland Public Library
Photo courtesy of Portland Public Library


The Portland Public Library, which consists of four branches throughout the city, is representative of public libraries in the best sense of the word. In short, it more than fulfills its mission of advancing love of the written word, arts and...  Read More

Payson Park
Photo courtesy of City of Portland


Edward Payson Park, located on Portland's west side, offers fun, free outdoor space with a few choice extras. In many ways, Payson Park has become a favorite community destination, both for locals and visitors alike. The park's choice facilities...  Read More

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
Photo courtesy of Spring Point Ledge Light Trust


Seeking a fun, free activity that truly says "Portland?" Then be sure to visit the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. This historic lighthouse is located at the end of a 900-foot breakwater wall that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It was built in 1897...  Read More

Portland Free Concerts
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Portland's busy docks have long attracted people of cultures from throughout the world. This global influence is perhaps best reflected in the city's incredible diversity of musical styles and presentations. From spring to early fall, Portland's...  Read More

Old Port Sights
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Portland's reputation as one of New England's finest walking cities is perhaps no more apparent than in the bustling Old Port district. Window shopping and sight seeing rises to new levels of entertainment for those who wander through the many...  Read More

Deering Oaks Park
Photo courtesy of Friends of Deering Oaks


Among its other attributes, the City of Portland is known as a metropolis that goes to great lengths to preserve open space. This is most evident in the many quality urban parks and natural environments contained within the city limits. Among...  Read More

Portland Freedom Trail
Photo courtesy of Maine Freedom Trails


For decades prior to the Civil War, the state of Maine and, especially, its city of Portland was a hot bed of abolitionist sentiment. Indeed, one of Maine's greatest heroes, Civil War general Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, was a strong and vocal...  Read More

Kennebunk Bridle Path
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik


While the Kennebunk Bridle Path doesn't necessarily afford a long trek, it has special features well worth experiencing for outdoor enthusiasts. In particular, a section of this 5.6 mile path crosses into the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve....  Read More

Portland Trails
Photo courtesy of Portland Trails


There is nothing quite as exciting as discovering a little known perspective to a new travel destination. Such is the case with Portland Trails, one of the leading open space preservation groups on the Southern Maine Coast. This organization has...  Read More

Eastern Promenade
Photo courtesy of Portland Trails


The Eastern Promenade is a favorite with locals and visitors alike who are seeking a relaxing, scenic walk along the Portland shoreline. The 2.1 mile paved, generally level trail follows an old train line. Walking, biking or jogging along this...  Read More