Maine: The White Stuff for Premier Skate Skiing

A close cousin to the more traditional sport of Nordic skiing, Skate Skiing has quickly grown in popularity for those seeking something more extreme in their cross country skiing pursuits. And in Maine, Skate Skiers have found a place to call home. At first glance, Skate Skis resember the more well known Nordic skis. However, upon closer inspection, these skis feature some very apparent differences. First, they are shorter than cross country skis. Second, the underside of these skis lack any tread whatsoever. Both features enable skate skiiers to literally race along cross country ski trails. This reality is, of course, the very reason that winter athletes find this sport so appealing. Their primary objective is continuous, uniform speed along Nordic ski trails. The result is an outdoor activity ideally suited for those who favor fast, aerobic-building and adrenaline pumping activities. Maine cross country ski centers have enthusiastically accommodate skate skiing fans by extending their groomed, tracked trails. We now present ten such centers which have excelled in meeting the interest and passion for Skate Skiing.


Birches Ski Touring Center
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Located in the heart of Maine's Great North Woods, the Birches Resort in Rockwood features a top notch cross country skiing operation that has quickly become a favorite with Nordic and skate skiers alike. The Birches Ski Touring Center features...  Read More

Sugarloaf Skate Skiing
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Sugarloaf's Outdoor Center has become one of the premier destinations in Maine's Carrabasset Valley for skate skiing. The vast majority of its more than 90 kilometers of cross country ski trails (one of the most extensive trail networks in the...  Read More

Maine Huts and Trails Skate Skiing
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

The magic of skate skiing the extensive trail network of Maine Huts and Trails is its rustic, backwoods atmosphere. This non-profit, land preservation organization has established more than 45 miles of well-maintained and preserved trails that...  Read More

Harris Farm Skate Skiing
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Those seeking prime skate skiing – but don't necessarily want to travel several hours to enjoy their sport – would do well to check out Harris Farm. Located in nearby Dayton, less than a half hour north of Portland, Harris Farm offers a...  Read More

Carter's Cross Country Skate Skiing
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Spectacular scenery is the big draw for skate skiing at Carter's Cross Country Ski Center. With locations in Oxford and nearby Bethel, Carter's Cross Country Ski Centers are a family run operation which expertly cater to Nordic and skate skiers...  Read More

Maine Winter Sports Center
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Located near the Canadian border in Fort Kent and Presque Isle, the Maine Winter Sports Center has quickly become one of the top destinations in the Nordic skiing and skate skiing world. When first considered, the Maine Winter Sports Center was...  Read More

Bethel Inn Ski Touring Center
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Bethel is known as the Nordic skiing capital of Maine. One of the attractions which have helped this mountain community earn its reputation is the Bethel Inn Ski Touring Center. Located at the tastefully appointed Bethel Inn in downtown Bethel,...  Read More

Black Mountain of Maine Touring Center
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Located in western Maine, not far from Farmington, the Black Mountain of Maine Touring Center has firmly established itself as a premier destination for cross country skiing and skate skiing. This ski center features 35 kilometers of wide,...  Read More

Big Rock Skiway
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Located not far from the Canadian border near Presque Isle, the Bigrock Skiway at Mars Hill has long been a prominent fixture in the Maine alpine skiing community. It's northern Maine location means that snow – and skiing – are available...  Read More

Sunday River Skate Skiing
Photo courtesy of Mark Pechenik

Sunday River has done a great job of accommodating the growing sport of skate skiing. The grooved sections of their 20 plus cross country ski trails are ideal for fans of skate skiing. Meticulously maintained, these grooves are both smooth and...  Read More